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5-Step Tutorial on How to Fill up Thin Eyebrows

by Fashionlady
5-Step Tutorial on How to Fill up Thin Eyebrows

5-Step Tutorial on How to Fill up Thin Eyebrows
Just a couple of days ago I had shared an exclusive post about celebrities who went from thin to thick brows and had a complete image makeover. While the trend of thin brow is a passé now and the current rage is about fully grown powder-enhanced eyebrows. Not long ago, the thick, hairy, bushy eyebrows were considered to be gross even on a beautiful face, but then as we know, what goes around comes around in the world of fashion. In this post we are going to discuss 5-step tutorial how to fill up thin eyebrows. Do have a read!

When Canadian songwriter, Joni Mitchell had sung, “Don’t it always seem to go that you don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone” in her Big Yellow Taxi album, she had certainly not referred to a woman’s eyebrows. But this part of her lyrics surely fits the bill because once plucked, the turf is never the same again.

When Kate Moss had newly become popular in the fashion world, her delicate and light-shaded arched brows were much in rage, however ever since the emergence of Cara Delevingne, the concept of brows went under a major upheaval. And soon, almost every girl wanted to have brows like those of Cara Delevingne.

If you are unsure how to pull them off then here is a 5-step tutorial on how to fill up thin eyebrows. Continue reading!

1. Supplies you’ll need

An eyebrow kit that usually comes with –

  • Pigmented wax for shaping
  • Eyebrow pencil
  • Powder for setting
  • Mini tweezers
  • Mini angled brush
  • Mini blending brush
  • Mirror

In India, the best kit you’ll get it from The Body Shop. You can also try Revlon Brow Specialist Kit, which is readily available in the Indian beauty stores. While some beauticians prefer powder, you can anyway start with the eyebrow pencil.

Revlon Brow Specialist Kit,

Source: style21.com

2. Do the marking

The key to getting those fully-grown arched brows is to use your facial features as a guide. Here is a quick tutorial –
1. For this, you’ll have to imagine a straight line right from your nostril to the inner point of the eye with the help of a brow pencil. This will help you get the corner-most point of the brow.
2. Next, keeping the brush near your nostril, imagine a mark at the outer edge of the eye and this becomes your end point.


3. Now measure the distance between nose and the pupil to spot the highest point of arch


source: hercampus.com

3. Use stencil

If you are not quite sure about your artistic skills then you can use a stencil to get your eyebrows right. Pick a stencil which best fits your natural shape and place it carefully over your brow. Make sure the line at the top of the marking is parallel to its ground level. Now, apply brow wax inside the stencil to ensure easy sticking on the brow.


source: ytimg.com

4. Brow powder

If pencils are good for defining your brows then powder offers you a more natural look. For powder, you need to use a correct brush type just like the small angled brush by Bobbi Brown. Now dab the brush with powder and fill the space in the stencil. Try with small strokes to get a natural look. And if you are using pencil then make sure it’s sharp enough to draw tiny strokes.

brow powder

Source: beautifulshoes.org

5. Blend well

After you’re done filling up the brows, start blending to remove the loose powder/stray strokes. You can take help of a Q-tip to fill up the gaps if any. You can also take help of gel to ensure proper setting.
Hope this 5-step tutorial on how to fill up thin eyebrows was useful for you!

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