The Evolving Eyebrow Shapes and Trends


“The eyebrows are hangers that hold up the eyes” ~ Tom Pecheux

Have you ever come across the phrase – hemline index? This theory which was presented by economist George Taylor, purports that hemlines on women’s dresses rise along with stock prices.


Now can we refer this phrase for the evolving eyebrow trends? Tracing the arc of the brows over the years, you would surely wonder what the economists have to say on bold, bushy and thin eyebrows.

You can simply compare our Hollywood actresses of all generations and can always see a change in the eyebrow shape. Thin, thick, arch-shape, darkened, light, medium growth and natural shape – we’ve seen them all.


These days with advancements in technology, getting a  desired shape has become far more easy. With eyebrow growth stimulators and cosmetic tattoo, it seems it’s now clearly the time to focus on your brow fashion.

Let’s take a sneak peak at the evolving eyebrow fashion.

Unlike any other features of face, eye brows were always easy to be altered for a better appeal. While there were days when uni brows were in trends, these days natural fully grown brows are in much demand.



During 1920, the fashion was to keep them thin and straight. A decade later i.e. in 1930, although they were still thin but in arch shape. This style hardened one’s look and women appeared more like an evil queen.


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While the 40’s brows were thick and arched, the 50’s trend was to wear darkened and thicker eyebrows yet with a pointed arch like Elizabeth Taylor, Marilyn Monroe, Madhubala and Nargis.

60’s underwent revolution and brows were typically shaved off and penciled in giving individual strokes using a pencil. This era also witnessed the darkening of the brows which looked quite fake.




By 70’s people had become quite sensible when it came to fashion with medium width and a more natural arch instead of dramatized arches which were seen in 50’s and 60’s.

By 80’s Brooke Shields made a stir with her bushy, natural shaped brows. These were great, easy maintenance and looked “au naturel”. These days, Keira Knightley wears this trend.


No eyebrow retrospective would be complete without Brooke Shields, who exemplified the 1980s heavy, bushy brow

In 90’s brows were grown in medium width and followed a natural pattern with a smooth outer brow arch just like Madonna. Her virgin brows were quite a rage although her later make-over brought her fortune.


In 21st century, fashionsita follow the natural shape, whilst thick ungroomed eyebrows are commonplace in all fashion runways.



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