32 Habits That Are Ruining Your Skin


Habits That Are Ruining Your Skin 

For the skin conscious that you are, it is time to relook and assess how much of your love for things might end up in causing skin damage.

We show you 32 habits of yours that you need to change if you want your skin to take you places.

1. Excess of chlorine

A dip into a pool in summers is bliss, but it won’t last long. Chlorine in water can cling to and react on your moisturised and cleansed skin. In order to remove chlorine, use an extra soap once you take a dip.

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2. Reduce coffee intake

Drinking coffee is a habit easy for us to give in. It can also prove to be an enemy to your dry skin. Since caffeine in it magnifies wrinkles, overcome its side effects by drinking lots of water.

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Habits ruin your skin
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3. Sleeping in makeup

You will be inviting clogged pores, bacterial infections, and acne prone skin if you fall asleep with your makeup on. What’s more, the makeup residue that stays on your pillow can make you fall sick. The best remedy is to keep makeup removing wipes next to your bed, so that you can remove your harmful makeup.

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4. Pimple popping

Skin breakouts can happen when you start to pick the skin on your face as it will keep pushing dirt and bacteria into the pores. Therefore, stop this practice.

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5. Skipping meals

Avoiding meals can make your skin age faster and suffer from dryness more quickly. Therefore, include supplementary things in your diet in the form of vitamin C (found in oranges), vitamin B3 (found in peanuts), vitamin E (found in avocados), and vitamin A (found in sweet potatoes) to tone up your skin’s health.

6. Long, hot showers

Don’t you love to step into the bathroom to have a hot shower for a long period of time? While the steamy shower is great, it ends up leading to scaly, dry skin. (Read here: The pros and cons of hot shower)

Habits that damage skin
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7. Excessive testing of cosmetic products

Most of us have a fetish for testing out new lotions, cleansers and creams on our face and skin. Always do it on a small patch of skin on your arms or feet, not on your face. You never know an allergic reaction might happen on your face as you test out a cosmetic product.

8. Drink sufficient water

Our body needs constant hydration so it’s important to drink glasses and glasses of water. If you cut down on daily water intake, it will lead to ageing skin early. Drink adequate water and fight off rough and shrunk skin, at the same time get a healthy glow.

Drink sufficient water
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9. Cut down on the phone conversations

Love to spend hours talking on your cell phone? You have no idea how it can cause skin breakouts along your cheeks and jawline. Make it a point to keep antibacterial wipes handy with you so that you can keep your skin clean while you are at the phone.

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10. Stop hair products to hit your face

Whenever you apply hairspray, cover your face with a clean towel. This will shield your skin. Also, try and use a sweatband whenever you hit the gym so that no hair products drip onto your face when you are sweating out.

11. Wipe dirty sunglasses

We make it a point to clean our regular spectacle lenses. Do the same thing to your sunglasses too. Bacteria building up on your glasses can disturb the skin pores around your nose bridge leading to skin breakouts and irritation.

12. Constant dieting

Every now and then when you go on a dieting binge, you end up attracting negative impact on your skin. Weight gain and weight loss can make your skin fibers loosen up leading to stretch marks and sagging skin.

13. Inadequate sleep

It’s important to get eight hours of sleep in the night as it will help you look refreshed, and get rehydrated skin. Lesser hours in sleep can lead to dull skin and clogged skin pores.

Over sleep ruin youn skin
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14. Excess of sodium in food

When you have too much of sodium in your diet, it can take the moisture out of your skin, making it dry and dull. In order to curb this, cut out on salty treats and apply a hydrating facial moisturizer.

18. Forgetting your Lips?

Having dry and chapped lips on a frequent basis makes them age faster. Lipsticks and lip balms containing glycerine help keep your lips hydrated and moisturised.

19. Dirty Pillowcases

During night time, your skin sheds its dead cells. These dead cells can build up on your pillowcase over time leaving behind bacteria and toxins. Keep your skin healthy by changing your pillowcase once in every two weeks.

20. Excess of Exfoliation

Over-exfoliating your skin can strip it of its necessary oils. So exfoliate just once a week to keep it healthy.

21. Frowning

Constant facial expressions can cause frowned lines on face. Try to avoid frowning and pouting that can cause permanent wrinkles on your skin.

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22. Stress

Stress lines on face can lead to blemishes, dullness, and rashes. Overcome the situation by doing something you enjoy doing such as yoga, reading, or cooking.

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23. Avoid excess sugar

When you take too much of sugar, it hurts your skin collagen causing sagging. Go for organic fruits.

Skin care mistakes
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24. Exercise

This helps increase blood flow in the body by cleansing it of toxins. What follows is a nice and healthy glow to your face. In addition, it also cleanses dead skins cells making new ones grow.

25. Take plastic off your drycleaned clothes

Once you get your drycleaned clothes home, take off the plastic covering on them. This would minimise skin irritation, at the same time give your clothes the breathability.

26. Nourish your left arm more

When you are driving, you will find your left arm is exposed to more of sun. Apply sunblock moisturiser more on your left arm.


27. Cut down on alcohol

Liquor in the form of beer or wine leaves your skin dehydrated. In the absence of moisture, you are likely to encounter wrinkles and dryness.

28. Minimise sauna

Limit your steam and sauna drills to a bare minimum as they can cause skin sagging over a period of time.

29. Virtual smoking

Good if you don’t smoke. But hanging around smokers can lead to skin sagging and speed up wrinkle formation.

Habits that are ruining your skin
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30. Heavy Makeup

Use less of makeup. This will allow your skin to breathe the way it should and prevent clogged pores and skin breakouts.

31. Stop over-tweezing eyebrows

Since it can cause skin damage, avoid tweezing eyebrows frequently. Whenever you tweeze, wash the tweezers with an antibacterial soap.

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32. Excess of AC

Summers always put up the need of an AC but if your AC unit is in full speed it is likely to strip your skin of moisture.

It’s time now to follow this checklist. It will make your skin happier and glowing.



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