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5 Prompt Beauty Fixes for Busy Moms

by Fashionlady

Prompt Beauty Fixes

It is always hard to understand the quandary of busy moms until and unless working women experience motherhood. Life takes a drastic change post maternity until you’re Marissa Mayer, who joins work only 3 weeks after giving birth to her baby. You either have to become a super woman like her or blessed with some whopping fortunes to enjoy the life with ease and stress-free.

But the ground reality is that in India a huge percentage of the working women’s population is laden with accountability. Therefore, there is always a constant struggle between the time and responsibility, which lands them with little to no time left for self-grooming.

You do not need a survey. Just look around and ask any working mom about her beauty regime and you would get the reply as Where is the time?

I understand this can be pretty challenging and wish if you could be blessed by Beauty Goddess to stay forever beautiful, which is just a dream that can’t come true.

So, let’s get practical and go through these 5 magic beauty fixes to fall in love once again with yourself. Do have a read!

1. How to dry nail paint quickly

You’re already late for your work and want to pamper your nude nails as well. But you’re running sort of time to dry the nails. For last minute rush, you can just dunk your painted nails into a bowl of ice-cold water. The ice-cold water helps in drying and hardening the polish in no time. This you can do just after air-drying them for 1-2 minutes and you’re all set to use your fingers on the steering wheel. Another quick way is to blow cool hair from your hair dryer. This also helps in drying the paint quickly.

how to dry nail paint quickly

Additional tip: Keep your nail paints in refrigerator to save them from dying.

2. How to reduce the facial flush

After an exhausting workout, it’s physiological symptom to have facial flush because of overheating of the body. Because of the exercise, blood circulation increases thereby giving redness on the skin.

how to reduce facial flush

You can put a cold wet towel on the back of your neck. This will help blood circulation flow normally by lowering down the body temperature. Even splashing cold water on face will give soothing effect to your face.

Additional tip: If you do not have cold water facility in your gym then fill a spray bottle filled with ice-cold water. Whenever you feel warmth on your face and neck just spray some cold water for relaxation.

3. How to reduce puffiness around your eyes

Dark circles and puffiness around your eyes in morning are common beauty ailments because of lack of proper sleep and eating salty food at night.


How to reduce puffiness around your eyes

When you’re running short of time for under eye dark circles’’ remedies, you can wrap a bag of frozen veggies in a thin towel and place it on your eyes for 5-10 minutes. The coolness will start stimulating the fluid retention around your eyes. And if you’re thinking why a bag of vegetables then the reason is that they perfectly suit the contours of the eyes. Go for green peas or corn as they work best.

Additional tip: If you’re aware that you’re going to have salty food or alcohol for dinner then do not forget to drink lots of water. This reduces the fluid retention and thus dark circles.

how to reduce tanning

Additional tip: Mix your tanner with moisturizer and apply this diluted tanner which can give you a natural complexion on the affected area

Hope you found this post useful! Stay tuned for more interesting beauty fixes!

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