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8 Desk Etiquettes Everyone Must Inculcate

by Fashionlady
8 Desk Etiquettes Everyone Must Inculcate

8 Desk Etiquettes Everyone Must Inculcate
The workstation is your second home. You spend a lot of time at work and sometimes, it becomes really difficult to maintain your calm at the end of a hectic day. But does that mean that you should become the desk pest? Not really! Here are eight desk etiquettes that you should always abide by, so that you don’t get branded as a pest.

1. Don’t ye steal

It’s the cardinal rule of the workplace – don’t be the office thief. If the food or the beverage in the fridge is not yours, please don’t lay claims on it. As tempting as the beautiful pastry might look, please refrain from even tasting it. An office thief is always caught, sooner or later. So, if you don’t want to be branded as ‘the person who stole my sandwich’, repress that urge.

2. Peeping Tom:

Don’t be that person who eavesdrops on your neighbor’s conversations and always interferes in every scene. That doesn’t mean you have to be an anti-social element, you should socialize with your colleagues, but at the same time, never be someone who is constantly taking part in their personal matters. Maintain a little space and this will work well for you even in the future.

Peeping Tom

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3. Bathroom Borders:

Bathrooms at the workplace are just like public toilets, the only difference being the fact that you share it with a good majority of people you know. So, the next time you use the toilet, don’t forget to flush it because you wouldn’t leave it the same way at your home now, would you?

Bathroom Borders

Source: nsw.gov.au

4. Clutterful-NOT!

Nobody likes clutter and if you are planning to have clutter at your desk, and then make sure important documents don’t get lost in that! Ask the attendant to clean your desk at least once a week. Either way, try and not keep pending work on the desk. The key to keeping your desk clutter-free is to throw away the stuff you don’t need at once. Don’t procrastinate! A clear, clean desk is the key to effective working. So clear the clutter and clear your mind!


Clutterful NOT

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5. Softly Speaketh:

Nobody needs to and wants to know how big a dump you just took. You should definitely converse in office, but the banter shouldn’t be loud enough for everyone to hear. Refrain from using your speakerphone unless there are other people who need to be in the conversation too. If you do need to have a LOUD conversation, you can do so in the conference room, and please don’t forget to shut the door.

Softly Speaketh

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6. Gossipy Gina:

Don’t be that girl who knows everything and talks about EVERY darn thing! If you see your coworker typing furiously on his or her keyboard, do not start an unnecessary banter. You should take the hint and not disturb them. If you really have to gossip, water cooler is the place. Remember the golden rule: There is a time and place for everything.

Gossipy Gina

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7. Social Media and Social Banter:

We get it, Facebook beckons, but office demands your attention and as much as possible, you should refrain from using social media sites while in office. Work drama should stay at work and not on your status updates!

Social Media and Social Banter

Source: telegraph.co.uk


The primary reason you are here is because you are here to do your job! Don’t just sit there. Aim for something which turns heads and makes your bosses really notice you. After all, where’s the joy if your work isn’t appreciated?


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Becoming an ideal worker is not that hard. Some basic etiquette can go a long way in helping you gain a good foothold in office.

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