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9 Steps to get Sexiest Décolletage

by Fashionlady
decolletage skincare guide

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Your face starts at your bosoms

This statement does not mean you have to be raunchy to look glamorous. But it rather suggests you to treat your neck and décolletage in the same way as you take care of your face. Looking youthful and fresh demands a complete care, especially when it’s summer.

If you look around, there are numerous cosmetic products available in the market especially made for your décolletage. While it is one of the sexiest parts of your body boasting femininity at large; on the flipside it’s also one of the first areas that show signs of aging.

I have come up with a day to night guide with 10 steps to get sexiest décolletage to ensure you put your best bust forward! Read on to find out!
The day night guide with 10 easy steps

#Step 1 – Cleansing

Women after reaching 30 should go for amino acid-rich body wash, as it reduces inflammation, whilst removing toxins from your skin if any. Follow this procedure 2-3 times a week.

Suggested product:  Darphin Aromatic Seaweed Bath and Shower Gel

It’s a luxurious yet gentle foam made up of seaweed extract that revitalizes skin while toning and firming.

darphin aromatic shower gel

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#Step 2 – Exfoliating

Just as cleansing, exfoliating is also required, especially on the neck and chest area. Exfoliation helps in obtaining a sexy décolletage as it prepares the skin to properly absorb products most efficiently.

Suggested product:  The Body Shop Pomegranate Body Polish

It contains exfoliating particles that gently scrub away dead skin cells, leaving the skin soft, smooth and lightly scented with a juicy berry fragrance. The exfoliating granules are very gentle that ensure soft and smooth skin yet squeaky clean. This 200 ml tube would last 3 months even if used for twice a week.

The Body Shop Pomegranate Body Polish

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#Step 3 – Firming

Soon after shower, do not forget to apply a firming serum. Use about 10 pumps and massage in a circular motion from the center of your chest outward toward the shoulders, then, from the base of your neck upward toward your chin. Serums are made from a smaller structured molecule, so they are very powerful. They not only penetrate deeper to repair the damaged skin, but also boost the properties of your moisturizer.

Suggested product: Jergens Skin Firming Daily Toning Moisturizer

At an affordable Rs. 279 for a 236ml bottle, this skin firming cream targets the entire body. It contains hydrolyzed collagen, hydrolyzed elastin, seaweed extract, hydrolyzed wheat protein/pvp cross polymer and various other ingredients that are known to improve the quality of one’s skin.

This cream can be used daily all over the body, especially on target areas like the upper arms, neck and chest portion.

Jergens Skin Firming Lotion

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#Step 4 – Moisturizing

In order to moisturize the décolletage area, apply a neck firming cream that’s rich with SPF. Such creams are usually denser than the face creams. So make sure you warm the product before applying it with your fingertips. Once the cream is ready to be absorbed, apply it in upward strokes starting from your chest towards the chin and jawline and backend of your ears.

#Step 5 – Applying sunscreen

We usually forget to apply sunscreen on the neck. Since it is one of the most sensitive areas it easily gets damaged from the harmful UVA rays. Pick a more intensive sunscreen and apply it atleast half an hour before stepping out.

Suggested product: SkinCeuticals Sport UV Defense SPF 50

This clinical brand, well known for their paraben-free sunscreens, provides ultimate water-resistant protection to prevent premature aging and hyper-pigmentation from harmful UVA and UVB rays.

skinceuticals sport uv defense spf 50

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#Step 6 – Adding instant glow

Body oil helps in adding glow to the skin instantly.

Suggested product:  NARS Monoi Body Glow II

This light-reflective blend of Tahitian monoi and coconut oils hydrates and enables the skin with a subtle shimmer.

NARS Monoi Body Glow II

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#Step 7 – Bronze effect

A gold-based bronzer not only contours the chest area but also evens out the skintone. Pick an appropriate bronzer and sweep it across the chest and neck to get a get a healthy glow and camouflage any imperfections.

Tip: To achieve a more contoured look and the appearance of a more lifted and full bust, apply the bronzer in a “V” shape in between the chest, and blend upward.

Suggested product: Lakme Gold Dust Shimmer Bronzer

As per Lakme, it is a pure-pressed bronzing powder kissed with a golden shimmer blends beautifully to flatter any skin tone. Sweep it once all over your face or body and enjoy a glamorous glow that is straight out of a fairytale.

Lakme Gold Dust Shimmer Bronzer

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#Step 8 – Use exfoliating peel pad

At the end in order to remove any dirt use the exfoliating peel pad, which is now quickly becoming one of the skincare staples because of its instant results.

Take the saturated towelette and sweep across the face, neck, and ‪décolletage. Then, work your way back upward, massaging in circular motions until the pad feels dry.

Suggested product: M-61 Power Glow Peel

It is a gentle glycolic and salicylic chemical peel that not only exfoliates deeply and retexturizes the skin, but brightens and helps fade sun damage too.

M-61 Power Glow Peel

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#Step 9 – Reapply firming serum

Once your feel the dryness in your skin, apply the  firming serum again using the same massage technique you used in the morning, as well a reparative, anti-aging treatment that targets wrinkling and loss of elasticity. Nighttime is when your body gets the chance to restore itself from the day, so it’s great to use a high intensity treatment.

Suggest product: Olay Regenerist Advanced Anti-aging Night Firming Cream

This organic regenerist boasts of an Amino-peptide +B3 complex along with various vitamins. We all know that Peptides are amino acids that help build collagen. An added advantage to using this cream is that it hydrates your skin as well. So, you have even toned smooth and soft skin.

Olay Regenerist Advanced Anti-aging

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Hope these 10 steps to get sexiest décolletage help you in looking sensual than ever!!

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