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20 Minute Ab Workout: A Workout For Rock-Strong Abs

by Fashionlady
20 Minute Ab Routine

20 Minute Ab Workout

Who doesn’t love washboard flat tummies? Those flat abs that the Vitoria’s Secret models flaunt – well, we love them all! But do you know how hard it is to get abs like them? Trust us, getting abs which look like that are difficult and there will be tons of foods that you will have to give up in a quest to get beautiful and defined abs. Believe it or not, we all have abs – it’s just that all of our abs are hidden beneath layers of burger and pizza fat. A rigorous and very strict diet and an exercise plan are the two things that can help you achieve flat tummies like them.

In this article we will talk about a 20 minute ab workout that will make it easier for you to reach your goal of flat abs. Remember, this is something which will not come easy to you and you will have to be very diligent in your quest.

How To Start With Your Journey Of Abs:

Food plays a very important role when it comes to getting good abs. You will have to cut down on unsaturated fats and carbs that will unnecessarily bog your body down. Here are some foods that should feature in your diet if you want to get abs:

Fibrous Vegetables like Spinach: Green leafy vegetables are the best to build lean muscles and they keep you full for a longer period of time.


Dairy Products like Cheese and low-fat Yogurt: These are crazy good to fire up your weight loss process and are also cancer-fighting agents.

Dairy Products

Eggs and Lean Meats: These are the super-foods that will help you build your lean muscles and at the same time help you grow stronger.

Eggs And Lean Meats

As part of your journey to lose weight and to get visible abs, you will have to diligently incorporate these food items in your diet. Once you start eating right only then will your body be prepared for a 20 minute ab routine or a workout that will focus on your core.


20 Minute Ab Workout:

The Internet is flooded with different workout routines that all promise to work on your abs. But the bottom-line is that you need to lose some weight before you start focusing on a particular area in your body. Always begin with cardio. Not only will it set your heart rate pumping but it will also work to kick start your weight loss process. Once that is done, you can focus on 20 minute ab workout at home and start your journey.

Exercise 1: Pelvic crunch with stability and medicine balls

For this exercise you will need both a stability ball and a medicine ball. Grab the second ball and lie on your back on the stability ball. Brace your shoulders and curl your abs till your shoulders are off the ball. Repeat for at least 3 times.

Stability Ball

Exercise 2: Plank and Rotate

Planks are the best exercises when it comes to stability and core strength. Plank and rotate takes it to another level. This exercise will not only work your core, but also your shoulders and glutes.

Plank And Rotate

Exercise 3: Toe Taps

Just lay flat on the ground (preferably a yoga mat) and try and touch your toes as you lay on the ground. Try and work your core as much as you can. This is a variation of the ab crunches.

These above exercises are a 20 minute ab workout beginner and if you are a newbie to a fitness regime, you can start with these set of exercises. Begin with a purpose and make sure you are consistent. Only then would you see good results.

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