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Acne Breakouts: 5 Foods that Cause Acne and Breakouts

by Fashionlady
Acne Breakouts

Acne Breakouts 5 Foods that Cause Acne and Breakouts
By now you must have many articles published on the various websites on skin care tips and beauty tutorials. Only following those tips is not sufficient as your skin may still be prone to acne and blemishes. This is because you have not been focusing on foods that cause acne and ignoring it completely. No matter how many natural ingredients we apply on our skin, flawless skin can only be obtained when healthy diet is followed along-with the other beauty rituals. Just as in case of weight loss regime, food also plays a crucial role in obtaining acne free skin. For your convenience I offer you 5 foods that cause acne and breakouts.

Acne Breakouts

There are many who think that once they cross the teenage years, they are done with the acne and pimple problem. But fact is acne can occur at any age and unless you change your eating habits, you can never get rid of pesky pimples permanently. What you consume hugely contributes from inside and the effects immediately show up externally. As per Arleen K. Lamba, MD, CEO of Blush Med Skincare,

“When trying to control acne breakouts and heal your skin, you have to start looking at your habits and your diet in order to better understand the entire picture. Though not everyone can blame their breakouts on just diet, it may play a role for some individuals.”

Acne Breakouts


While there are foods that are highly essential in restoring the radiance and health of your skin; there are other foods that can backfire, turning your breakouts from bad to worse. Following are the 5 foods that cause acne and breakouts:

1.Refined Carbs

Carbohydrates are essential as they help in producing energy in the body. While carbs are usually categorized into simple and complex types, they are also further classified into refined and unrefined carbohydrates.

Refined carbs are those that are processed by adding chemicals and sugars, thereby reducing the power of their natural nutrients such as vitamins, minerals and fibers. Unrefined carbs on the other hand are sold in their natural state and they contain all the natural nutrients that are beneficial for skin and body on the whole.


Refined carbohydrates include white bread, white rice, packaged cereals, pasta, white flour, cakes, biscuits, sweets, candy, pastries, pies, beer, sweet white wine etc.




If you have consumed too much alcohol at a party, the next morning will not only leave you with a bad hangover, but you will also see acne breakouts on your face. Alcohol dehydrates the body and makes the skin look dull and haggard.



3.Junk foods

You may love junk food, but it’s time you realize how the fried and fatty foods can play havoc not only on your weight but also on the skin. Cut off burger, French fries and other fried snacks to avoid breakouts and pimples. Instead, opt for food and snacks that are not fried, but baked.

junk foods



Here’s bad news for those who have a sweet tooth. Chocolates are amongst the major culprits, as they boost the existing acne. And on those who already have an acne-prone skin, chocolates react immediately as they are loaded with sugar that prompts breakouts.


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5.Dairy products

Last but not the least are the dairy products that lead to breakouts and acne. Reason being, the products that are processed from milk contain ingredients that are converted by the body into testosterone that increases oil production, thereby causing acne and pimples.

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