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Adele Height

She has albums named after the age she was when it was written. For example – 19, 21, 25. She and Beyonce Knowles held the tie for winning the most number of Grammy awards (6 of them) in 2012. Spice Girls, Etta James, Dusty Springfield and Pink (according to her) influenced her career choice of being a singer. She was 8-months pregnant when she recorded her Oscar-winning song Skyfall. She was raised by a single mother and is a mix of killer talent and mammoth personality. She says “I want to write happy songs about being in love”. Falling in love with Adele can be easy. Let us check out how.

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Can you beat this one?

Her complete waxwork created by Madame Tussauds (London) was unveiled in 2013.


Personal Details

Name Adele Laurie Blue Adkins (her nickname is Adele)
Birthday Date 5 May 1988 (29 years)
Birth Place Tottenham, North London, United Kingdom
Sun Sign Taurus
Eye Color Green
Hair Color Light Brown
Nationality British
Religion Roman Catholic
Education Schooling in BRIT School of Performing Arts and Technology (2006). No details on her College studies.
Occupation Songwriter and Singer
Marital Status Married

Family Details

Father Mark Evans
Mother Penny Adkins (furniture –maker and an organiser of adult-learning activities)
Siblings One brother Cameron Evans
Spouse Simon Konecki
Children One son named Angelo (born in Oct. 2012)

Adele’s father left them when the little girl was all of 2. Sad but it made her strong from within from her baby days.

Look at her. Adele and her hubby Simone had the courage to sue a paparazzi company for taking their son Angelo’s pictures when they were on a family holiday. Whoa! The couple won the case and they were compensated for the damages. That’s some star power!

Adele Family Details

Past Relationships

Well, before settling down, Adele had a man in her life, Alex Sturrock. He was a fashion photographer who wanted to keep his relationship with Adele. This upset her very much and eventually led to the breakdown of their couple-dom. From summer 2008 through spring 2009 they couldn’t be missed.

According to a source “It was an intense period for them. They met through mutual friends and hit it off straight away. He shot her a few times and that was just it. They spent all their time together — and when they weren’t together they would ring each other constantly.”

I guess it is, I guess it is.” This is coming from Adele when asked if her relationship with Konecki (her hubby) is the “ultimate love story“. Adele further adds “Being in such an amazing relationship with someone that’s so there for me and so loyal and is really part of my core now. That’s what made me write about everything I’ve ever done, because I’ve got his love.

Adele and Simon Konecki

Body Status

Build Voluptuous
Height 5 ft 9 inches
Weight 82 kg
Waist Size 34 inches
Hip Size 38 inches
Shoe Size 8 (US)
Dress Size 18 (US)
Body Measurement 36-34-38 inches

Adele has made it to the cover of Vogue – UK and US editions.

Adele Photoshoots

Let’s check out Adele’s other loves (besides singing and winning trophies).

Favorite Things and Hobbies

Color Green (it is the same colour of her eyes) and BLACK
Food Ham, Lasagna
Place Not known
Sport Football, Cricket
Brand Christian Dior’s Hypnotic Poison and Chanel (for makeup)
Actor Tom Cruise, Bradley Cooper
Actress Julia Roberts, Sandra Bullock
Film The Godfather, Scarface, Twilight Series, Charlie and Chocolate Factory

Adele owns the most fab collection of designer dresses in which color? BLACK!

Adele Designer Dresses

Professional Career

First Debut: 19 was Adele’s Debut Album (for which she got a Double Platinum). 21 was released in January 2011 (26 million copies sold!!!). Adele’s Debut Film was Katy Perry: Part of Me.

Brand Endorsements: Did you know, Adele has been persuaded by several makeup brands to become the face of their products. The sad part is Adele has refused endorsement deals worth million of dollars.

Career Achievements: Adele won the Golden Globe award and Oscar for her theme song ‘Skyfall’ in 2013. She had two records in the top five of both the UK single and album charts. Much can be written about 21 – the haunting ballad of love and loss from Adele. This disc went on to becoming the BIGGest selling album of the 21st century and stood at No. 1 in 26 charts across the globe.

Wait a minute.

Adele is the first female in the history of the Billboard Hot 100 to have her 3 singles in the top 10 at the same time.

Adele Awrds

LAST but not the least, Adele owned the 2016 Brit Awards – She won all the four she was nominated for!

Adele Networth

Remuneration: $ 30 million (as of 2013)

Net Worth: $ 75 million

Music for thought – Adele has shattered YouTube and chart records in the world over, courtesy her 2015 comeback single ‘Hello’ and accompanying album ‘25’.

Adele Weight Loss

ADELE REFUSES TO BE A SIZE ZERO (what other celebrities swear by). She is of the opinion “I would only lose weight if it affected my health or sex life”. Gosh! Look at the guts Adele has to say this.

Workout Plan:

Adele is getting trained under Pete Geracimo – who has sculpted the bodies of David Hasselhoff and Kim Cattrall.

According to the fitness instructor, Adele’s regime is a fusion of circuit training, weightlifting and cable machines.

Diet Plan:

Adele shared with the Daily Mail about her “Sirtfood Diet”. This diet plan encourages slimmers to eat plant-based foods like kale, buckwheat, green tea and turmeric.

The biggest ditch that Adele made was to her sugary tea (her hard-core Brit habit).

I used to drink 10 cups a day with two sugars in each so I was on 20 sugars a day,” she told The Sun. “Now I don’t drink it and I have more energy than ever.

Social Profiles

fl-fbicon fl-twittericon fl-instagramicons

Interesting Facts

Now for ‘Trivia’ time…

  1. When did people sit up and take note of Adele’s musical prowess? When she first sang ‘Rise’ by Gabrielle at school. It means her singing took off at a tender age. BTW, Adele’s mom made her little daughter wear a sparkly eye patch so that the young Adele would look more like a singer. How sweet!
  1. In the year 2011, Adele had to go for throat surgery. Put the blame on her doctor who blamed her for landing up in this situation because of her smoking habit. Point taken! Good sense prevailed into her finally in 2015, when Adele quit smoking and finally admitted it would have killed her had she pursued it.
  1. You know celebrities take pride in their fan-following. And Adele is no different. Her fans come from all occupations and age groups. E.g. Adele got fan mail from none other than the formal PM of UK, Gordan Brown. The purpose of PM Brown’s writing to Adele? He praised her for uplifting the spirits of the people during economic recession of Britain.
  1. Guess the success chart of Adele’s album named ‘21’? Well, it spent 23 weeks at the top of the album charts in the US.
  1. It is generally believed (call it opinion) that talented people in the business of performing arts need peace and solitude to come up with their most popular track. Adele proved it otherwise. She stated that her creativity is at peak when she has had too many to drink. Is that DRINK-o-mania? I wonder.
  1. Adele has a Dachshund by the name Louis Armstrong. This I guess explains her fascination for classical singers.
  1. Adele is a true Brit. She loves a good cup of tea and has it with two sugars.
  1. Book-lover and Adele? No way. At the young age of six, she stopped reading books and put her mind and energy on singing. Roald Dahl’s popular novel ‘Matilda’ was the last book Adele remembers having read.
  1. Talk of tattoos and Adele has 5 of them – two of them on her left wrist, both her hands have one tattoo each and there is one behind her left ear.
  1. Adele used to live in a 25-acre mansion which had 10 BEDROOMS and was worth $ 7 million! She sold it considering the fact that only 9 of the bedrooms would be used.
  1. When she is away from London, Adele gets into a homesick mode and doesn’t like flying.
  1. There is something interesting (and I would say highly creative) about Adele’s album names. Her albums are named after her age. Say, for example, 19 depicts her age 19 when she made the album. We all wish she brings out an album named 99!
  1. Adele cancelled her 2008 American tour. Guess why? She wanted to spend time with her BF. Later on, she regretted it and called herself “ungrateful”.
  1. Adele stood 6th on the Forbes’ list of highest paid celebrities under the age of 30 in 2012.
  1. In the year of 2015, Adele branded herself ‘a feminist’. She said she believes in equality for everybody, regardless of race, gender or sexuality.

Amazed or shocked? Write in your comments and tell us how you found knowing more about the beautiful songstress Adele.

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