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7 Amazing Uses Of Witch Hazel For Skin Care You Should Be Aware About!

by Fashionlady
how to use witch hazel

Witch Hazel For Skin Care

We have been writing and telling you a lot about the uses of many essential oils, herbs, lotions and potions, and this time we would do the same on witch hazel for skin care. To begin with, the humble witch hazel is also known to be nature’s astringent, which has plenty of medicinal properties and as a beauty agent, works wonders. Also recognized as one of the best toner and cleaner for the skin, witch hazel for skin care works it magic like nothing else can, especially when it comes to shrinking pores. Here are seven more amazing benefits with regard to witch hazel for skin care.

How To Use Witch Hazel

1. Soothe Body Rash

If you have rashes on your skin, you know you would have to deal with inflammation and redness, which can be very annoying. When learning how to use witch hazel, your doctor would be best to tell you how much of witch hazel you could use to have safe relief from the pain and inflammation. Witch hazel helps heal the troubled skin soon and with care; without giving you any more discomfort.

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2. No More Sunburns

Take a teaspoon of aloe vera paste, to which you must add a drop of witch hazel. Mix the two and lather it onto the parts of the exposed body which have been burned by the sun’s rays. The potion helps soothe the skin, aid it and heal it, and prevents the peeling of the skin to happen as well.

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3. No More Itchy Dermatitis

Dermatitis can dry and redden the skin, and make it itch nonstop, which is why to counter the effect of the same, uses of witch hazel for skin can be administered. A drop of witch hazel oil can be applied on the parts affected and rubbed gently, post which you will feel relieved.

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4. Lighten Those Blemishes And Spots

Age spots, sunburns, dark spots and blemishes on the face can be annoying, which is why since the ancient days, witch hazel has been used extensively with cotton to reduce such beauty flaws. When you learn how to use witch hazel on face, you would notice that the cotton ball is dipped into witch hazel and gently massaged into the skin. Works well on sensitive skin conditions too.

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5. No More Puffy Eyes

Say good bye to puffy eyes, dark circles and inflammation, by using a small amount of witch hazel dipped in cotton ball to rub around the eyes each night before you sleep. Wake up the next morning and wash your face. Do this everyday, but be careful that the witch hazel shouldn’t enter your eyes, or else it would be dry and with plenty of discomfort too.

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6. A Great Follow Up Post Hair Removal

Witch hazel can be used as a healing astringent post shaving the body off hair. This magical herb also helps in healing cuts, nicks and wounds, and brings down inflammation to a great deal as well. Women that opt for hot wax treatments, must learn how to apply witch hazel, should it be done at home, so that the skin gets relief and soothing touches post the hot hair removal treatment.

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7. No More Swimmer’s Ear

If you swim a lot, chances are the water may enter and some bacterial infection could set in as well. This is when Otitus externa or ‘Swimmer’s Ear’ condition happens. The ear canal is infected and this can be painful. Even the ear skin and the lobes tend to dry up because of this condition, which is why using witch hazel in drop form is advised. However, speak to your doctor if the administered dosage is safe to use.

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