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Androgyny Fashion For Women In India

by Fashionlady
Androgyny Style

Androgyny Fashion

We have obviously seen women in suits and pants at work or maybe in college and Androgyny fashion, stereotypically was shuddered a decade back because women thought the statements would make them look MANLY. This is a wrong notion that should be done away with, since Androgyny fashion can be made feminine and purely womanly too. Let’s take a look at some of the famous Androgyny fashion statements made by women abroad which we Indian women can adopt.

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13 Androgyny Style And Fashion To Emulate

1. Robust street style fashion with a sense of androgyny style. The look comes about as haute and sensual, playful and daring too. From cropped denim jackets to long overcoats, paired with shirts and skinnies for the bottoms, completing it with a pair of boots too, you could emulate this look for Friday dressing at work.

Androgynous Fashion For Womens

Source: nyt.com

2. Gender bender fashion statements for formal occasions, client meets and for work can be the haute trends of 2016 in Indian spaces. Plaid shirts, grey three piece suits with a scarf, white boots with suits, cropped tuxedos with formal pants and more, these are a few ways to rock the androgyny fashion statements at work.

Fashion Style For Androgyny

Source: wordpress.com

3. For party and girls night outs you could emulate androgyny fashion too. Here are a few looks to emulate as shown to us by eminent celebrities from abroad. We love the mix and match of bold red lips with cute suits. This is a feminine way to portray womanhood in an androgyny sense too.

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Androgyny Fashion

Source: pinterest.com

4. Donning menswear has been the norm for women since many decades, but this day and age sees a twist and twirl with feminine charms in androgyny style. Here are a few more looks by celebs that show us how to be utterly feminine and cute in menswear.

Androgyny In Fashion

Source: chaos-mag.com

5. Prada the brand in its menswear collection some time back had only female androgyny models showcasing their ensembles, and the show was a hit. This can be reason enough for us to look forward and bend the gender norms in fashion too.

Androgyny Fashion For Womens

Source: unicoenterprise.com

6. Pop of colours with Gucci JW Anderson and Meadham- famous brand names in the world of designers and fashion, shows how androgyny fashion has gone ahead with making the gender bender fashion statements a colorful affair.

Androgyny Fashion Trends

Source: wordpress.com

7. Bold, fierce, daring and with a sense of feminity involved, androgyny fashion in the truest nature has no lines to adhere to and no limits to maintain. You only need to express yourself the way you want, and some of the looks resemble that of fashion editors known for the stern charm as well.


9. Androgyny isn’t only for women in their teens and twenties only, because our divas abroad in their late thirties and above, all the way into the sixties too have rocked red carpet sagas in androgyny style.

Androgynous Style Tips

Source: pinterest.com

10. Super model Cara Delavigne here shows us what the truest form of androgyny fashion is as she attends NYFW2015.

Androgyny Best Fashion Styles

Source: hercampus.com

11. Ellen De Generes and her wife, Portia De Rossi shows us how to rock the scene at a casual hangout in androgyny fashion.

Best Androgyny Fashion Styles

Source: dailymail.co.uk

12. Red carpets in the past have told us why androgyny fashion is haute and hot, and we don’t beg to differ when seeing the leading ladies model for them and pose for the shutterbugs too.

Androgyny Fashion Styles

Source: tumblr.com

13. If you thought you saw it all when it comes to androgyny fashion and style in the west, you should be happy to know the same has seeped into our land. Indian celebrities have started going all andro at red carpet sagas, men too!

Androgynous Fashion

Source: pinterest.com

Do write in and let us know your thoughts about the androgynous style tips we brought forth!

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