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12 Carrot Juice Benefits For Skin – Get a Glowing And Flawless Skin

by Fashionlady
Carrot Juice Benefits

Carrot Juice Benefits For Skin

A very versatile vegetable and a very popular one that too, carrots are almost everyone’s favorite snacking and salad option to have, isn’t it? They can be eaten raw most of the times, or turned into juice or a cooked dish. Mostly they have a signature color- orange, but some countries produce carrots in various other shades- yellow, red, white and purple too. With that being said, we are here to talk about the nutritional value of the veggie, the benefits it has for our health and skin, and caution about over consumption of carrots too. Please read on and be well-informed!

Nutritional Value of Carrot Juice

The signature color of carrots comes from carotenoids which are antioxidants. Beta carotene is one of the carotenoids present in carrots which are a vitamin A precursor. It is beta carotene that is mainly the chief contributor to the benefits that carrots give us.

From helping the immunity in the body stay strong to protecting the eyes and the skin, combating the onslaught of free radicals and even chronic diseases, such as cancers and heart diseases too, carrots do wonders for our bodies.

Along with vitamin A, carrots have vitamins such as C, D and E and even K in it, along with plenty of minerals – calcium, potassium and magnesium in the body.

All of the above forms the best of all nutrition levels for our bodies, and the high fibre content to keep the body and its system well-regulated.

Take a look below at the table that shows the nutritional value of carrots!

Nutritional Value of Carrot Juice

Now that you have read about the importance of carrots in our diets and what its juice can benefit our bodies with, let’s learn more about the benefits of carrot juice for our skin.

Benefits of Carrot juice

The wealth of valuable nutrition in carrots when you juice the veggie would be a concentration of healing potions that is much needed by us. What the juicing up of carrots can do are-

  1. Helps balance the levels of blood sugar in the body
  1. Helps improve the immunity system in our body
  1. Helps with congestion relief
  1. Helps beat inflammation
  1. Helps clean the kidneys
  1. Helps with neurological development
  1. Helps combat leukemia
  1. Helps with brain functioning
  1. Helps with eyesight
  1. Helps with a glowing skin too and many more

Benefits of Carrot Juice for Skin:

The harmful UV rays of the sun are the biggest culprit towards us. It makes our skin dry, parched, and aged, much more than we can fathom. Combine that with the pollutants around, and our skin furthermore is damaged and breaks down, leading to several skin issues. But fret no more, as carrot juice plays the role of a healer to your skin.


The harsh UV rays leads to the breakdown of collagen thus leading to the formation of wrinkles. This is one of the earliest signs of ageing that can be noticed on us. What we need is a glass of carrot juice to consume on an empty stomach every day.

How it works

The alpha and beta carotene present in carrots along with the carotenoids too would help combat the onslaught of free radicals. The antioxidants are gladiators that destroy the free radicals and do not let premature signs of ageing attack our skin.

If the diet is low of antioxidants, your skin would be at an irreversible risk of oxidative damages. This is why we must consume carrot juice at least once a day, on an empty stomach, daily.

Glowing Skin

Who doesn’t want to have beautiful, soft, glowing skin? We all do. This is why, consuming carrot juice on an empty stomach once a day is very important.

How it works

The high vitamin C content in carrots, which are easily, absorbed by the body, along with the powerful antioxidants in carrots, together help with collagen boosting and this brings down the dullness of the skin, prevents the formation of wrinkles and makes the skin glow more too.

How it works

Beta-carotene is converted into vitamin A in the body. The latter slows down ageing by increasing collagen which is responsible for a smoother, supple skin. It also help rejuvenate and repair cells and bring about a new life and metabolism to our bodies too.

Tip: You can even dab cotton into the juice of carrots and rub the cotton gently on your face. Wait for ten minutes and then wash off with cold water. This is done just in case you don’t fancy consuming carrot juice.

Prevent Wrinkles

It is said, one cup of carrot juice has around a thousand milligrams of vitamin A in it, which is best for adults who need it the most.

Even pregnant women and nursing mothers can have a cup of carrot juice everyday, to help increase the need for vitamin A in the body.

Post-partum women often lose hair and the glow of their skin, and some even have wrinkle formation too, which is why, carrot juice is to be consumed.

How it works

The natural antioxidants found in carrot juice keep the body protected and safe from the onslaught of free radicals. The skin and the mucous membranes are kept healthy too.

Reduces Inflammation

Did you know, the carotenoids found in the carrots are actually a boon for us, especially if we suffer from internal inflammation? There are many studies and evidences that show the same, and it also helps bring down the occurrence of chronic diseases such as cancer too.

How it works

The presence of antioxidants in carrots fights leukemia cells. In turn, this brings down the occurrence of cancers of the breast and the ovaries.

But how does it help bring down inflammation?

The daily consumption of carrot juice can help the body defeat free radicals. What happens here is that the antioxidants in the blood brings down the oxidative stress levels, which further gets the inflammation down too. Hence, carrot juice helps in combating inflammation.

Reduces Redness

Rosacea is a form of skin disorder where the blood capillaries are dilated and hence there is a redness formed on the face. For the same, topical medication prescribed by the doctor should be used. However, for acne which causes scars and redness, carrot juice can help. It is known as a herbal healer of various skin disorders and diseases.

How it works

Carrot juice and its vitamins and minerals in it help promote the development of skin tissues. There are plenty of antioxidants in carrots, Phytochemicals and minerals, vitamins too which moisturize, protect and nourish the skin.

The high amounts of beta carotene found in carrots are converted into retinol, which is one of the purest forms of VITAMIN A found. When you topically apply the juice on the skin, retinol touches the skin and helps bring down the scars and redness of the skin too. This is because collagen is produced.

Hydrates the Skin

During the summer months, it is when the skin gets all parched, dry and dehydrated.

How it works

Since the dose of vitamins and minerals in carrot juice are on an all-time high, the healthy drink helps retain water in the body, nourishes the skin and also keeps the skin hydrated for a long time to come as well. In turn, you get a very healthy glow and a supple skin.

The juice when consumed flushes out the toxins in our bodies as well, which then makes the body look young and the skin glow too.

Prevents Acne

Pimples and acne can also be avoided when you consume carrot juice or apply it topically on the skin. This is the best solution we can tell you about today. Use bright colored carrots for the same, since they are very nutritious and rich in vitamins and minerals.

How it works

The vitamin A especially in carrots can help the skin heal from the onslaught of blind pimples and acne.

Vitamin C in the carrots help nourish and strengthen the skin as well, and puts an end to the woes of acne too.

Tip: You also can mix a tablespoon of multani mitti with the carrot juice and form a face mask. Apply it on the face for half an hour and then wash off with cold water.

Carrot Juice Skin Uses

Controls Oil Secretion

We cannot stop the production of sebum as such, but can control it for sure by consuming or applying carrot juice.

How it works

Carrot juice would help smoothen the skin texture and dry away the excess oils on the skin as well. The beta-carotene in carrots when converted into vitamin A is an agent to fight excessive oil production

Lightens Skin Tones

The presence of vitamin A and minerals in the juice of carrots can help make the skin lighter and brighter

How it works

When you consume carrot juice, it can purify the bloodstream and this is what would reflect on the outside too. The skin thus turns smooth and soft, dark circles and saggy skin around the eyes are gone, the complexion is improved and nourishment to the skin comes through. When you apply the juice to the skin, it helps bring down the tan and tones the skin as well.

Reduce Dryness and Scars

A full serving of carrot juice to consume every day is a must and a very beneficial thing to do. This is very potent as a formula to have when you have dry skin or if your skin is sensitive, and when over the counter topical creams don’t work.

How it works

The anti inflammatory agents in carrot juice help tone the skin up and revitalize the skin. In turn, it also helps moisturize the skin and even the skin tone out too. This also brings down the signs of scarring, fine lines and wrinkle formation.

Heal Cuts and Wounds

The juice of carrots can help heal the cuts and wounds on the skin, thanks to the presence of vitamin C in it.

How it works

When you drink carrot juice, the body would be loaded with the vitamin, which helps with progressive healing.

Now that we know of the benefits of consuming carrot juice, let’s learn about recipes that shows us how to prepare carrot juice at home, which can be used as a face mask.

Carrot Juice Face Mask Recipes

1. For Fairness (Carrots, Papaya and Milk)

What all you need:

  • A glass of fresh carrot juice
  • Half a cup of ripe papaya mashed
  • Quart cup of milk


  1. Mix all the ingredients in a blender
  1. Set aside
  1. Dab cotton balls in it to soak up the juices
  1. Gently massage the skin with these cotton balls for a minute
  1. Wait for ten minutes
  1. Wash off under cold water

How it works:

The antioxidants and minerals in carrot juice helps nourish the skin and lighten the skin tone and fights free radicals.

Papaya enzymes balance the pH levels of the skin and the hydrates the skin, keeping it glowing and soft.

And the lactic acids found in milk, helps strip the dead skin cells and layers of dirt and grime from the dermal layer of the skin, which brings about the fresh brightness to the skin.

2. For Rejuvenate Dull Skin (Honey and Carrot Juice)

What all you need:

  • A tbsp of honey
  • Half a glass of carrot juice


  1. Mix the two ingredients in a bowl
  1. Dip cotton balls in the mixture
  1. Gently massage the skin with the cotton for a minute
  1. Place the cotton balls onto the eyelids and relax for ten minutes
  1. Remove the cotton balls
  1. Wash off the face with cold water
  1. Repeat once in two days

Carrot Juice Face Mask Recipes

How it works:

The minerals and antioxidants in the carrot juice help nourish the skin and lighten the tone, smoothen the tone and also prevent the oxidation of the skin cells too.
Moreover, with the addition of honey, the skin is left hydrated and moisturized, since honey is a natural at that.

3. For Acne and Pimples (Honey, Carrot Juice and Cinnamon Powder)

What all you need:

  • A tbsp of honey
  • A pinch of cinnamon powder
  • Half a glass of carrot juice


  1. Mix all the ingredients together
  1. Dip cotton balls in it
  1. Keep it in the fridge for half an hour
  1. Take out the cotton balls and gently massage the skin with the same
  1. Place the cotton balls on the affected areas of the skin
  1. Wait for ten minutes
  1. Remove the cotton
  1. Wash off with cold water
  1. Pat dry

How it works:

The presence of antioxidants in carrots helps fight the free radicals and infection formed by the acne and the pimples. It also helps nourish the skin with vitamin C.

Cinnamon helps heal the acne and the pimples, and honey helps hydrate and moisturize the skin.

The scars and redness associated with pimples and acne are brought down with all three, especially the beta carotene and retinol in carrots.

4. For Anti-Aging

What all you need:

  • One large carrot grated and juiced up into pulp
  • A tbsp of cornstarch, and
  • A cup of sour cream


  1. Mix the three ingredients and wait for a while
  1. Leave it on the face after applying for half an hour
  1. When half an hour is done, wash it off with warm water
  1. Moisturize your skin with your favourite skin cream
  1. Do this thrice a week

How it works:

The vitamins in carrot help replenish the skin and the cornstarch binds the skin and shrink pores too, while the lactic acid found in sour creams will help lighten and brighten the skin. And all of the three ingredients above have the capacity to fight signs of ageing, sagging skin and wrinkles or blackheads and whiteheads too- so here’s what you do.

Now that you have learnt how to make a carrot face mask, let’s tell you how to make your own carrot juice at home!

How To Make Carrot Juice?

What you need

  • 6-8 carrots
  • 2 glasses of chilled water
  • 1 tbsp lemon juice

How to make

  1. Wash and peel the carrots
  1. Place them in a blender and crush them well into paste
  1. Add chilled water with lemon juice
  1. Blend again for a minute until a fine juice is formed
  1. Strain and remove the pulp
  1. Store in the fridge

Now that you know how to make your own carrot juice at home, here is how and when to drink carrot juice!

How and When to Drink Carrot Juice

The veggie is about six inches long and tends to be sweet, which is okay for the body to have – calorie and sugar wise.

When you opt to drink carrot juice, it would be best to have it on an empty stomach, an hour before eating anything. This will help the juice get absorbed into the bloodstream sooner and also would cleanse the toxins out of the body too.

Carrot Juice


Most would say that people turn a shade of orange when they consume carrot juice. This is a fact, and this is why we ask you not to have more than a glass of the juice per day.

The orangish tone on the skin isn’t something to be worried about. It would balance out in due course of time.

What actually happens is that the liver cleaning is happening when you consume carrot juice, and the clogging of the liver is being done away with as well. And when you consume carrot juice everyday, the urinary channel and the intestinal channels are being cleansed too, but they cannot care much for the overflow of the juice as well. This is why, in some cases we notice the skin of the individual turning orange, which is nothing to worry about- remember the liver is being cleansed.

The fibre content in carrots is very high, and there are about three and a half grams of fibre in a serving of carrots. But when you juice up carrots on the same count, the fibre content is lost. What stays back is only the soluble content of the veggie. So caution to the wind here, don’t overdo on the carrot juice consumption or else your body would lose out on the needed fibre.

Too much of vitamin A to consume through carrot juice can lead to vitamin A toxicity in the body. Remember, it is beta carotene that is converted in the body into vitamin A, and too much of it can lead to toxicity. This is because the body has excess of it inside.

We hope this mini guide on carrot juice benefits comes in handy.

Disclaimer: We would like you to know that the information given here is through pure research only. One should speak to their doctor or dietician or nutritionist to gain more indepth valuable information on the benefits of carrot juice. The information here is no way a substitute to what the experts would say and advise or recommend. Their words would take precedence over what is written here and elsewhere online!

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It can be stored for 24 hours. Although it is best to drink the juice almost immediately.

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Should I drink the juice in empty stomach?

Mansi Kohli July 24, 2017 - 4:34 pm

It is best to drink juice on an empty stomach for maximum nutrient absorption.

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should i drink only one ingredients carrot juice daily or we should add any of the ingredients
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