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A Simple Guide To Doing An Applique Work At Home!

by Fashionlady
Applique Work At Home

There is a sense of newness and romance when you do home décor yourself. Getting readymade bed sheets and cushion covers is an easy option. But when you spread Applique designs in your home sweet home, the feel good factor and experience is immeasurable.

Applique Work At Home

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Hone your artistic and workmanship skills in your free time (no harm taking time out for it) as I take you back to to the good old technique of making Applique designs for your home and living.

Applique By Hand

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Applique Meaning:

The word appliqué means applying or sewing a smaller patch or fabric on a large fabric or surface. Actually, it is one piece of fabric in its entirety. The word appliqué is derived from the French culture where it means ‘something applied’ or a thing that has been applied.

Do you know how and when appliqué was discovered? When clothes were ripped and needed fixing in order to make them look decent and wearable. The craftsmen used patches of different materials which they sew over the top of the ripped area. Appliqued cloth has been an important part of art and craft scene in Benin, West Africa, where it has been a tradition of sorts since the early 18th century [1].

Applique Designs

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Applique Embroidery Designs:

Ah…that might excite most of us. Let us check out some Applique by hand creations, and the intricacy of hand embroidery in home fashion, kid fashion, garments, knick-knacks and accessories.

1. Summertime Raw Edge Appliqué 17:

This Applique patches is super quick to stitch on caps, totes, etc. Comes in four sizes. Kids will love to carry it on their school bags, hankies and so much more.

Applique Patches

Source: swakembroidery.com

2. Tropical Island Applique Embroidery:

Looking for that biiigg idea for your next tropical vacation? Don’t worry. This Applique stitch work comprising of a sandy island with a palm tree and beach chair is just the right cue to pack your bags to a destination vacay!

Applique Stitch

Source: designedbygeeks.com

3. Celebrity Fashion:

Tempting Applique dresses, isn’t it? Goes to show that even some of your casual dresses can look wonderful with a bit of appliqué work done on it.

Applique Dresses

Source: vicmora.com

4. Applique on Short Cropped Pants:

All kurti lovers can rejoice on this new-found experimentation. Instead of getting embroidery done on kurti, you can get Applique designs on the cropped pants. Style on the pants, you see!

Applique Short Cropped Pants

Source: youmeandtrends.com

5. Pakistani Applique:

She is the black magic woman….This Applique dresses is proof of the versatility of black when it comes to desi fashion.

7. Summer Tote Bag Applique Embroidered:

This eco-friendly handmade jute bag has colorful leaves and branches done with applique embroidery. Hand embroidered one by one, it is a unique handmade bag for the spring/summer/autumn season. Roomy it is for carrying books, and magazines, laptops, clothes, your gym staff and all the necessary items as per your needs. Straps are of genuine leather.

Applique Tote Bag

Source: etsy.com

Applique Work Saree:

Applique work on sarees is about fascinating patches sewn together – striking embroideries to captivating patterns. In some saris, it is done in the form of Applique patches, while in others the appliqué embroideries are done on sari pallus and/or borders to enhance the appliqué. Take a look at some of the examples:

8. Phoolbagh Applique Work Kota Doria Cotton Saree with Zari @INR 2985/-

Applique Work Saree

Source: itokri.com

9. Pen Kalamkari Applique On Kerala Cotton Saree @INR 1770/-

Kalamkari Applique On Kerala Cotton Saree

Source: masterweaverindia.com

10. Khesh Cotton Applique Saree @INR 1170/-

Khesh Cotton Applique Saree

Source: glowroad.com

11. White Applique Work Saree @ INR 2,225/-

White Applique Work Saree

Source: bursana.com

Steps On How To Do Applique Work:

Applique is a good way to jazz up plain piece of cloth – starting from home furnishings to garments, accessories and fun stuff for kids. Here is the guide to doing basic appliqué.


  • Fabric (scraps left over from another project)
  • Fusible web (e.g. Heat n Bond Lite)
  • Pencil
  • Sewing shears
  • Tear-away stabilizer
  • Thread
  • Garment to be embellished
  • Additional embellishments such as buttons, ribbons, rhinestones etc.



  1. Select a template for Applique designs from the web. Should you be artistic enough, then sketch a design yourself onto a piece of paper. When you have found or made a design you love the most, trace it or print it onto copy paper and cut it out.
Steps On How To Do Applique Work

Source: sewlikemymom.com

  1. Now is the time to select a fabric so that you can start doing appliqué work. Some great materials for appliqué work are quilting cotton, jersey knit, corduroy and twill. Even felt, fleece, leather and suede can be used. Use a heavier weight fusible web product to minimize fraying. Felt and fleece have clinging properties so place them on your garment and secure with a pin before stitching.
  1. Apply fusible web to the wrong side of the material. Make sure your iron is set at cotton setting with no steam.
  1. Start tracing appliqué template onto the fusible web backing so that the appliqué gets displayed correctly when it is affixed to your garment.
  1. Using sharp sewing shears, cut out the appliqué pieces and iron it to the garment very carefully as it is this edge which will be visible on your finished garment.
  1. Remove the backing paper, and then arrange it in such a way that you get the bottom-most layer working up onto your garment.
  1. Using a hot iron carefully press these pieces onto the garment.
Applique Tutorial

Source: sewlikemymom.com

  1. One step which gets skipped is pinning a stabilizer to the inside of your garment directly behind your appliqué. When you follow this step, it prevents ugly puckering in the next step thereby giving a professional look.
  1. Stitch your appliqué design into place. The traditional option is stain stitch. Other options include zig-zag (to minimize fraying), or a straight stitch.
  1. When your design is stitched into place, turn your garment inside out and tear away the stabilizer.
  1. Apply additional embellishments to your design at this stage using a needle and thread and bows, buttons and beads.
  1. Doing Applique by hand is finished.
  1. Happy stitching!
Applique Tutorial At Home

Source: sewlikemymom.com

Hope you enjoyed reading this blog on doing Applique work. Isn’t it exciting, and an avenue to display your appliqué craftsmanship? Write in and tell us your views in the comment box below.

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