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20 Awesome Gifts For Everyone On Your List!

by Fashionlady
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Most often, it may happen the gift you thought that was perfect for your loved one didn’t get the best response. To avoid this hassle, we’re letting you in a little gifting secret with items that will work for everyone on your list.

You may not be sure what to get for an acquaintance or a random coworker. It happens. For this, we found 20 awesome gifts for everyone on your list which is fool-proof. Sounds good? Let’s get started.

Top 20 Awesome Gifts For Everyone On Your List:

Go ahead and check out these items that are on everyone’s wish list and picking one will surely put an end to your gifting woes.

1. Iced Coffee Maker:

A homemade iced coffee maker can make a brilliant gift idea for anyone in your circle who loves coffee. This brilliant device allows brewing cold coffee overnight in the refrigerator easily. It is one of those great gift ideas that can help save precious money (that your friend would spend at expensive coffee shops) and allow anyone to come up with their own fancy coffee recipes.

Iced Coffee Maker

Source: gourmet-coffee.com

2. Silk Sleep Set:

A silk sleep set which is both comfortable and chic is the perfect gift for a good night’s sleep. Gift a pretty set of pajamas that come in multiple colors to the female on your list. Trust us, they won’t be disappointed with this one here.

Silk Sleep Set

Source: pinterest-Mila Garvey

3. Weekend Bag:

A great weekend bag can be of multi-purpose use whilst traveling by – train, automobile, and plane. Pick a rugged bag in different colors for your traveling buddies while they plan their next vacation.

Great gift ideas

Source: cittadesign.com

4. Makeup & Jewelry Pouch:

This can make a handy gift for the girl pal who loves her makeup and jewelry. Such affordable finds make for a clever and convenient pouch for any woman on the go.

Makeup and Jewelry Pouch

Source: notonthehighstreet.com

5. Blanket Scarf:

A blanket scarf can feel like an uninspired present- like gifting chocolates to a girl on Valentine’s Day. But a supremely soft, blanket scarf piece can spruce any ensemble. Since they are one-size fits all accessory, you don’t need much thinking about size unlike whilst gifting any other clothing items. Buying a long strip of a blanket scarf is a super convenient gifting option.

Blanket Scarf

Source: markandgraham.com

6. Wine Wipes:

And while people are stocking up on detergents for removing wine stains from their clothing or table linen, they might not really be equipped with embarrassing teeth stains. Gifting wine wipes along with a bottle of wine can be an awesome idea. These wipes can allow rubbing off the ruby tint on your teeth after drinking a glass or two of wine.

Wine Wipes

Source: dailymail.co.uk

7. Cordless Electric Wine Bottle Opener:

A cordless electric wine bottle opener is a brilliant gift for friends, family, and co-workers too! The opener can remove the cork with ease. All you need is to press a button. This can mean no broken corks, difficult corkscrews, and no endless struggle to uncork your bubbly. For something fancier, check out the Coravin Elite Prop which actually does the pouring too.

Cordless Electric Wine Bottle Opener

Source: wineref.ru

Bath Bomb Gift Set

Source: giftsbylittlemiss.co.uk

10. CaddySack:

CaddySack can be easily tossed into any laptop bag and backpack. This can make a brilliant gift for your multi-tasking Smartphone obsessed pals. This leather travel organizer can store all chargers, cables, adapters, and earphones tangle-free and secure. It comes with adjustable straps and bands, a pocket, and a slot to hold a stylus. This pouch is small enough to toss into handbags and makes perfect gifts for dads.



Source: twelvesouth.com

11. Bluetooth-enabled Portable Speakers:

These set of speakers are one of the most practical gifts for anyone on your list. This is perfect for any music lover as they can hum along to their favorite tunes anytime.

Bluetooth-enabled Portable Speakers

Source: amazon.in

12. Portable Printer:

This is how this tiny printer works. First, upload a video from Lifeprint’s Smartphone app. Select a photo you want to print using the portable printer. This photo holds up the entire video. The image will come to life in seconds. Another wonderful thing about this tiny printer is the photos that come out are stickers. Hence, they can be placed anywhere and anyone with the app can watch the story come to life. So add this to your gift list ASAP.

Portable Printer

Source: charmingink.com

13. Sandisk’s IXPAND Base:

This can make a perfect gift for a friend who frantically keeps deleting images and videos from their iPhone due to phone memory issues. Sandisk’s IXPAND Base can create a back up for all your photos and videos whilst charging your iPhone. It has a capacity of about 256 GB.

Sandisks IXPAND Base

Source: bestbuy.com

14. DIY Anti-frizz Hairspray:

Every woman knows how humidity can play havoc with your hair. You can gift your BFF a bottle of a DIY lavender anti-frizz spray to control her beachy waves. She will be ever thankful for this one. For creating this one, mix ¼ cup natural aloe vera gel, three tsp water, 2 tsp fractionated coconut oil, 5-8 drops lavender essential oil, and fill up a spray bottle. Shake to combine the ingredients before use. Apply to damp hair before styling or spray on dry hair to combat frizziness.

DIY Anti-frizz Hairspray

Source: stylepresso.com

15. Laptop Cat Scratching Pad:

There will be someone you know who is bound to be a cat lover. Gifting them this laptop cat scratching pad can be a huge relief. The cat scratch laptop is a cardboard scratch toy that is shaped like a laptop so that the cat can play with it while they are working beside it.

Laptop Cat Scratching Pad

Source: boredpanda.com

16. Cookbook:

Looking for gift guides for your friends who fancy cooking? A cookbook with delectable recipes can make a great gift for the friend who loves to stir up some exotic fare. Look up for cookbooks on different cuisines like French, Italian, Indian, etc.


Source: booktrib.com

17. Pasta Machine And Drying Rack:

Maybe your friends can nail the pasta dish, but can they make it from scratch? Encourage their cooking skills by allowing them to try their hand at homemade pasta with this pasta machine and drying rack.

Pasta Machine And Drying Rack

Source: thankfulregistry.com

18. Indoor Fresh Herb Garden Kit:

Store-bought fresh herbs may go bad before you can use them all. If there are foodies on your list, then encourage them to start their own countertop organic market with an all-inclusive fresh garden kit that supports growing thyme, cherry tomatoes, rosemary, basil, etc.

Indoor Fresh Herb Garden Kit

Source: mall.cz

19. Art & Craft Library Kit:

Here is a gift for children or creative pals who love collecting all their supplies for making craft projects. Look for arts & craft library kits which have varied decorative items like sequins, googly eyes, glue, fuzzy sticks, pompoms, and more.

Art and Craft Library Kit

Source: shop.nordstrom.com

20. Stacking Game:

This colorful twist on the classic stacking game makes a perfect gift for everyone on your list. And, there’s no rule that says this gift cannot be enjoyed at workplace too!

Stacking Game

Source: amazon.co.uk

This sums up our list of 20 awesome gifts for everyone on your list. Hope this post helps you pick those perfect gifts for your loved ones which they will treasure for a long time. You can share your gift ideas with us in the comment box below.

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