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10 Diamond Pendants To Have In Your Collection

by Fashionlady
Diamond Pendants

Hold your thoughts right there. Before you make up your mind to pick that chunky piece of jewellery for your neck, you may wish for an alternative. We are talking about delicate diamond pendants that have reigned supreme this year. And it is always fun to challenge your fashion buys time and again. This fall, leave your heavy layered necklaces and reach out for minimal pendants. The new diamond pendants features a small chain accompanied with a statement making design dangling below. And these pieces are good enough to wear with your regulars.

Diamond Pendants

Source: kameswarijewellers.com

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Ahead, see our favorite picks of diamond pedants and which ones to stock up immediately.

1. Floral Diamond Pendant:

Save your heavy neckpieces and bracelets for another day. It’s time to make appease with the appeal of floral diamond pendants. Even better are if the pendants come with a floral design dangling. A classic illustration is displayed below from one of PC Jewellers catalogues below. Keep the rest of your look minimal and simple, when you opt to wear this floral diamond pendant.

Floral Diamond Pendant

Source: pcjeweller.com

2. The Ziel Pendant:

You can never go with a statement diamond pendant as this. While this year, we saw a surge of letter engraved and flower creations, the trend is also about the simple glitz of a small heart pendant. Just like the floral design above, these gleaming pieces shouldn’t be saved for special events. Wear them daily and pair them to dress up your basic ensembles. Let’s forget about wearing our heart on our sleeves for a minute, shall we?

Ziel Pendant

Source: bluestone.com

3. Riley Diamond Truss Pendant:

It is almost counterintuitive to wear a delicate diamond pendant over a nice pair of dress for a surprising refreshing effect. And they are also a wonderful balance to chunkier and heavier options. All the more, the weather is still pleasant enough to bare your décolletage.

Riley Diamond Truss Pendant

Source: caratlane.com

4. Yellow Gold Diamond Pendant:

Unique shaped and classic yellow gold never goes out of style and are showing no signs of going downhill. This fall especially, pendants drenched in diamonds and gold finishing will be everywhere. You can wear this Tanishq diamond piece with any of your regular look.

Yellow Gold Diamond Pendant

Source: titan.co.in

5. Mine Diamond Pendant:

In the same line as gold pendants, polished and perfect diamond stone pendants are also having a major moment. They are less fussy compared to classic design and are simple to pair on with the regular. Tip: One of the best ways to wear these diamond stoned pendant is to match with different diamond cut earrings to make it look like a complete set.

Mine Diamond Pendant

Source: malabargoldanddiamonds.com

6. Bizet Pendant:

Perhaps you’ve noticed the unique shaped pendant trends are still strong. Well, in the case of the ORRA diamond pendant collection, the update has less to do with the sizing and more to do with the number of stones in it (nine in total). Choose to wear your diamond pendant with a simple relaxed look instead of traditional Indian wear.

Bizet Pendant

Source: orra.co.in

7. Urice Glo Diamond Pendant:

First there was a surge of diamond necklace and earring set trend, and now, this. The newest trend is to wear pendants around your neck. Constellation details like stars are proving to be the most popular, and diamond sentiments are the most loved.

Urice Glo Diamond Pendant

Source: candere.com

8. Tanishq 18 K Gold and 0.076 Diamond Pendants:

The Tanishq Diamond pendant helps you accomplish the classic look in a snap. Wearing this jewellery piece can allow you to elevate the look in seconds. You can pull off this style with matching diamond earrings.

10. Diamond and Emerald Gold Pendant:

The diamond and emerald pendant is still very much popular because of its wondrous combination. The options are boundless if you are looking for neck candy and the piece shown below is a perfect illustration. Match and stack these gemstones with other jewellery pieces for a color-block effect.

Diamond and Emerald Gold Pendant

Source: suratdiamond.com

These are the latest diamond pendants that you may add to your collection. We hope you like these pieces enough to shop for them. We suggest you reserve these pieces soon before it sells out.

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