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Best Dressed Halloween Celebrities

by Fashionlady

Halloween Celebrities

Trick or Treat? Halloween is around the corner to bring back the ghosts, goblins and spirits this year! This fun pagan tradition celebrates the belief that magic holds supreme power and spirits can contact the human world at this time of the year.

Over the years, this has become a popular culture celebration and is all about dressing up in fancy costumes, buying lots of candy, creating haunted & scary houses and holding Halloween theme parties.

It is time to pull out spooky and horror tricks on friends, dress up to scare, carve jack o lanterns out of pumpkins and throw fabulous horror-themed parties.

Halloween Fashion 2013

While you are busy thinking of how to rock the Gothic look this Halloween and turning your home into the hub of vampires & evil creatures, we bring famous celebrity Halloween costumes over the years. Take a look at your favorite Hollywood celebs who look chic and fashionable even in their Halloween look:

Heidi Klum

Supermodel Heidi Klum tops the list with a big bang – She is the unrequited “ueen of Halloween Costumes’ as touted by the media. Madly popular for her crazy and bizarre Halloween outfits, she is wildly experimental and original.

From being Lady Godiva making a sweeping entrance on horseback to a sexy vampire, she has done it all!

While one of her scintillating Halloween looks is where she dressed up with elaborate make-up and painstaking detailing as Cleopatra, the beautiful  Egyptian princess. Her face make-up was a dazzling pattern of multi-colored rhinestones.

Heidi Klum Halloween Costume Cleopatra

She took the media by storm with her eclectic appearance as Kali the Indian Goddess. With blood dripping beheaded heads, a garland of skulls and the numerous hands of the goddess, she captured the wrath and anger of Goddess Kali in this outfit. This outfit created quite a controversy for offensive display with reference to the sacred Hindu Goddess.

Halloween Costume Goddess Kali

Kim Kardashian

This voluptuous Hollywood celebrity has donned Halloween costumes with lot of style and panache. From being a cute feline cat in a body hugging cat suit to batman villainous Poison ivy, she looked fabulous, oozed glamor and oomph in every outfit.


In her 2009 Halloween look, she looked gorgeous dressed like Princess Jasmine from Arabian Nights with her flawless olive Mediterranean skin tone and lovely black tresses.

Kim Kardashian Halloween Costume

This is Kim Kardashian as the wonder creature sea- mermaid with her seashell bodice, glittering aqua green gown and gold locks. She looked stunning as the mythical creature of sea!

Kim Kardashian Halloween

Gwen Stefani Halloween

Hope you are inspired by our glamorous celebrities and will try out your best look for this Halloween!

Stay Spooked!

Images Source: pinterest.com,  jenniferlopez.com

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