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10 Best Intimate Wash Products To Help You Stay Clean And Fresh Down There

by Fashionlady
Best Intimate Wash Products

We cannot avoid sweating down there and surrounding areas. As a result it tends to get uncomfortable and stinky. Luckily, a new category of intimate wash products are setting the change to care about our sensitive areas. It focuses to minimize the unpleasant smell down there and leaves a fresh feeling. But before we reach out to them, there are few other things you should know about.

Best Intimate Wash Products

Tips On How To Pick The Right Intimate Wash:

First of all, the sweat glands that are present in the underarms also live within the vaginal area, but some products can change the natural PH balance, eventually leading to significant discomfort. These are the type of products you should avoid.

So the question arises as to which intimate skin care products could improve vaginal health. Look for ones that have a pH level of 5 and are hypoallergenic. But avoid using normal cleansing options like soaps or shower gels as they have high pH levels. In addition, you should also avoid products that contain alcohol which dry out the sensitive areas of the skin.

List of Ten Best Intimate Skin Care Products:

Check out our list of top ten intimate skin care options that will help you feel refreshed and comfortable.

1. Luvena Therapeutic Feminine Wash:

You can use a sweat absorbent deodorant for your sweaty underarm; why not use a feminine wash that is delicate for your intimate area? The product by Luvena is an instant pick because it is gentle on the skin and leaves a sweet smell all day long.

Luvena Therapeutic Feminine Wash

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2. Oriflame Feminelle Intimate Wash:

This intimate wash by Oriflame is great for all the right reasons. It guarantees to minimize vaginal odor while gently cleansing. Best of all, the natural ingredients does not cause harm to the sensitive area. The product is available in three different categories-mild, protecting, and comforting intimate wash.

Oriflame Feminelle Intimate Wash

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3. VWash Plus Expert Intimate HYGIENE Unique Ph Balance Formula of Lactic Acid Ph 3.5:

Formulated for all women, this intimate wash product by VWash Plus is safe to use and help maintain your pH balance. It has a mild, sweet smelling fragrance for a mild cleansing. Just pump once or twice to dispense a little amount and use with care.

VWash Plus Expert Intimate Hygiene Wash

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4. Vagisil Sensitive Plus Moisturizing Wash:

Use the moisturizing wash on your sensitive area to neutralize and prevent the odor. And since it is gentle for use you need not worry about skin irritation. This intimate wash product is dermatologically tested. We also love the product as it is mild enough to use during menstruation.

Vagisil Sensitive Plus Moisturizing Wash

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5. La Fresca Feminine Hygiene Wash Body Wash:

This feminine hygiene wash is composed of natural ingredients that are safe for the sensitive area of the skin. It has pro-biotic formulations which have special abilities to improve immune system, treat allergies, vaginal infections, and UTI. Safe for daily use, this intimate wash product also maintain the pH balance.

Nature Certified 100% Natural Feminine Wash

Source: thehoneypot.co

7. Sliquid Splash Natural Feminine Wash:

Perfectly recommendable for external use, the Sliquid Splash feminine wash help you stay clean and fresh. It has a mild fragrant hypoallergenic effect which prevents vaginal odor for longer hours, including your period days. The formula also works on all types of skin including sensitive skin as it does not contain harsh ingredients. Perfect for daily usage, the cleansing formula will leave you clean all day long.

Sliquid Splash Natural Feminine Wash

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8. Healthy Hoohoo All Natural Gentle Feminine Wash:

Formulated to minimize odor and special cooling agents, the Healthy HooHoo gentle feminine wash keeps you fresh and free from vaginal infections. The presence of natural ingredients like aloe vera acts like an effective cleanser for soothing inflamed skin. And it is 100% safe for sensitive skin.

Healthy Hoohoo All Natural Gentle Feminine Wash

Source: healthyhoohoo.com

9. Clean & Dry Daily Intimate Wash:

The Clean & Dry Daily Intimate Wash soothes skin irritation with its hydrating features. It also helps you maintain a fresh and nourished skin all day long.

Clean and Dry Daily Intimate Wash

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10. Summer’s Eve Night-Time Cleansing Wash:

Perfectly formulated for night-time usage, the summer’s Eve Cleansing wash helps you stay odorless and fresh. It features a mild hypoallergenic scent which prevents all types of odor. It also works on all skin types including sensitive skin with its zero presence of harsh chemicals. Perfect for everyday usage, the cleansing formula will leave you clean throughout the night.

Summers Eve Night-Time Cleansing Wash

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These are our top ten lists of best intimate wash products. We hope your search ends here. Share us your thoughts in the comment section below.

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