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Best Leave In Oil For Hair Cream Method – Best For Curly Hair Girls

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The LOC or the Leave On Oil cream method isn’t a new-age phenomenon per se, but one that has been used through centuries in other named ways. For example, you may have heard of women in India using ghee or clarified butter for their hair care regimes. Ask your grandma and she would let you in on those secrets. Sounds icky though, but the ghee used was always homemade and with nourishing properties for the hair and skin to benefit from too. So, let’s take a look at the method of LOC, shall we!

Steps for LOC

Before you learn any further on which is the best leave in oil for hair, get an understanding on how to apply the leave in oil method.

  1. Dampen your hair with water to weigh down your hair a little.
  2. Take any hair oil of your choice, a few drops of it would do. A sealant isn’t advised to use here, rather you should think of olive or coconut oil, or even avocado oil to oil the hair with
  3. Use a butter based moisturizer for the hair – Shea butter for example is best to use, or you could opt for mango butter or avocado butter too. They help seal the hair and lock in the important moisturizers too.
  4. Keep them on your hair for ten minutes and wash it off with cold water later on. The effects would be that of a shine and bounce so pretty, that you’d fall in love with your hair and play with them all day long.
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The importance of LOC

The importance of LOC cannot be undermined, and it is known to be the best way to keep your hair and scalp hydrated and sealed with moisture. Most women have used the LOC method across the globe and are happier with their tresses too. The famous Audrey Davis-Sivaothy’s book, The Science of Black Hair has spoken praises and volumes about the benefits of LOC. And the book clearly mentions the benefits of LOC, namely with how long to leave oil on hair, moistening effects of the hair, hydrating the hair, water molecules being held within the hair roots thanks to the sealant oils, and why allowing the oils penetrate the scalp with water is the best thing to do too!

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Lock in the moisture

While coconut oil used for hair care can help hydrate the scalp, heal the scalp and more, the cream of coconut can help condition the hair and style the locks too. And leaving the cream on the scalp is perfectly alright. This is because; the cream is a moistening sealant and wouldn’t do any harm to the scalp!


Should you not be using coconut cream and something else instead, using avocado or mango butter is okay as long as your hair can withhold the moisturizing touches it brings along.

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With the use of all things natural, there are no chemicals used and hence your hair is protected from further damage, wear and tear. The ingredients being natural help coat and seal the hair well, retain the moisture too and also rehydrate the scalp with co-washing types of curly hair too!

Which coating oils to use

From jojoba to grapeseed, castor to mustard, you could use any of these oils as sealants for the co-wash regime. For women who live in very cold and harsh wintry climes, using mango or shea butter would be best, since they protect the hair and moisturize the scalp as leave on hair oils.

Best Leave in Oil for Hair Cream Method

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Should you have major hair and scalp issues and would want to indulge in LOC, it would be best to speak to a trichologist first and then go ahead with the same.

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