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Best Office Exercises to Stay in Shape at Work

by Fashionlady
Office Exercises for Women

Office Exercises

Work no matter the cadre or profession, gets demanding beyond limits. There is no space for relaxation and no time to catch up with friends, family and dating partner. It affects the body so much that it tends to add flab to our waistline. Ugh! This is not what you had asked for, right?

Since life tends to become sedentary with no physical activity when we are at the job, obesity gets the better of us. And health problems such as hypertension, spinal aches, headaches end up affecting us. However, you can stay fit as a fiddle while working on your boring computer with these office exercises which are simple to do. Get started today and see the happy shift in your overall health and figure.

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Office Exercises for the Body

Seated Leg Raise

Office chair is meant for you to sit and carry out your tasks but nowhere does your contract say you have to be seated at your chair for endless hours. Just stretch your legs a little horizontally. They will help you reduce weight and your waistline. This set of exercise targets you abs and oblique muscles.

Office Workout

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Shoulder Stretching

Our shoulders were not born steel. They give into constant stress and stiff movement as a result of sitting for long hours on a seat. The best way you can overcome this is to do a small exercise while you are seated. Lift both your shoulders up together in such a way that it looks as if you are shrugging them. Hold the position for 10 seconds and then, relax. Keep repeating it 10 times in one cycle.

Office Stretching Exercises

Source: yoga4lifephuket.com

Praying Position

This is one of the best desk exercises for arms which can be done at your workstation. Just sit straight on the chair with your feet lying flat on the floor. Bring both your palms towards your chest and place them in a way the way we do when we pray. Now push your hands outwards, while keeping the palms together. Keep this position for 20 seconds and then relax.

Desk Exercises

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Wall Sit

It is our spinal cord that bears the brunt of our endless sitting in our office seat. Break this pattern by practicing this exercise in your office during free time. Stand straight in front of a wall by keeping your feet at a little distance. Now, make a position as if you are seated on a chair. Lean towards the wall and let your back touch the wall. Hold on to the position for few minutes and then relax.

Office Chair Exercises

Source: beautypie.me

Heel Raise

If you’re desk prone for most part of the day, chances are your heels will feel achy. To boost blood circulation on your feet soles, sit tall and lift your heels off the floor as high as you can. Do this exercise slowly and complete a set of 20 to 30 repetitions with both legs, one by one. Heel exercise as you know helps strengthen the calf muscles.

Exercise at your Desk

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Recommended Tips to stay active in Office

Beating the bulge would be easy if you do these easy-to-do exercises in your hectic work schedule. Here’s how.

– Dump the elevators and take office stairs instead.

– Don’t stick to your chair like glue. Keep moving around the office every two hours as this will help in your body movement.

– Cut out tea and coffee when you are working and drink 8 to 10 glasses of water instead. This will help flush out your body toxins and aid in loss of weight.

Office Exercise for Body

Source: cosmopolitan.com

– Abstain from eating unhealthy and oily snacks such as finger chips in between your work schedule. Instead carry healthy snacks to work.

– Practice good posture while sitting at your chair. This will help in preventing stiffness that happens of neck, shoulders and back.

Combat the adverse effects of desk jobs on your weight, back, wrists, eyes, neck, and muscles through these exercises to stay in shape.

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