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How Oversized Belts Have Caught on with Celebrities

by Fashionlady
Celebrities Oversized Belts

Paris Fashion Week Fall 2015 Oversized Belts
Of late, a lot of celebs have been rocking the oversized belt look. With the Paris fashion week, the belts were also aplenty on the runway. Thankfully enough, this is one of the trends that even we, the mortal humans, can wear.

Prepping up for fall is one of the major takeaways from this Paris Fashion Week. Small and tiny belts have almost disappeared and you can see everyone rocking the oversized belts like a pro! Let’s see which of the designers have brought this over to the runway:


The belts in this show teetered towards the sporty side and were all over the place in bright colours. Mostly teamed with bright jumpsuits, the belts did not disappoint us at all!

Balmain Paris Fashion Week

Source: fashionisers.com


This fashion house took cues from Dior’s show in 1947 and introduced big belts which some retro flare. All types of cocktails dresses were paired with the belts.

Rochas Paris Fashion Week

Source: somethingaboutmagazine.com

Isabel Marant

Now this was something new. We saw Isabel Marant pairing oversized belts with something like onesies! A bold decision which nevertheless fared well with the audience!

isabel marant paris fashion week

Source: wordpress.com

Now that we have seen designers using them in plenty at the runway, let’s see who been spotted wearing these belts in tinsel town.

1. Anna Kendrick

Anna was seen wearing an oversized belt with a shirt dress

Pro Tip: An oversized belt with laidback attire like a shirt dress makes it a little formal. So if you are running late for a party, you can very wear team your shirt dress with one of these belts and pair them with kitten heels. You would look just like you actually dressed up!

Anna Kendrick Oversized Belt

Source: stylebistro.com

2. Queen Letizia of Spain

She is the queen of Spain and the queen of sass. She always has her game face on and best foot forward when it comes to fashion and style. She was recently seen sporting the oversized belt trend.

Queen Letizia of Spain Oversized Belt

Source: stylebistro.com

3. Jessica Biel

Her dress game is always on point! Ms. Biel never fails to disappoint. Even when she is doing her daily chores, she would be impeccable. Spotted on the streets with a casual dress and oversized belt.


Jessica Biel Oversized Belt

Source: kcmode.com

4. Diane Kruger

Diane Kruger has all her dresses sorted out. Even when she is cold, she would be pairing up some really nice dresses with oversized belts like a total pro. Seen here in a flannel dress, the oversized belt is just perfect for her look.

Kim Kardashian Oversized Belt

Source: stylebistro.com

Oversized belts that you can buy:

Here are some trendy pieces that you can splurge on. Make sure you buy them from a good quality store because this is something that you need to spend some money on. There is a lot when it comes to rocking a good belt. And you wouldn’t want it falling off now, would you?

Acne Studios Woven Belt: For a little futuristic vibe

Acne Studios Woven Belt

Source: whowhatwear.com

Emilio Pucci: When you are feeling a little hipster

Emilio Pucci Patchwork Waist Belt

Source: whowhatwear.com

So, what do you think, can you rock this trend?

Hope you enjoyed this post on oversized belts.

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