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Blast From The Past – Sridevi’s Fashion Timeline

by Fashionlady
Sridevi Fashion

Sridevi FashionSridevi started off in Bollywood way, way, way before my time. I have known Sridevi ever since I was a kid and have always admired her up-to-date sense of fashion. Be it her Nagin days or the days when she was the glam doll of Bollywood. She’s always been on top of her fashion game.

Show her picture to someone in their forties and they will marvel at what a fashionista Sridevi was and how she never backed down from exploring new styles.

Sridevi started in Bollywood as a child actress, she has a lot of experience when it comes to acting, dancing and delivering mind blowing dialogues (especially in that cute accent of hers), but she’s also an expert on setting the floor on fire with her hot celebrity mother looks!

Before we marvel at her present day sense of fashion, let’s rehash the past and look at how she changed the fashion game, back when she was on top.

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Blue Saree

This blue saree of Sridevi paved way for simplistic fashion in Bollywood. While she was confessing her love on a windy night to Mr. India, she killed everyone with her plain blue saree and a big blue bindi. Her kohl-ed up eyes were rather expressive and her blow dry hair were like cherry on top!

Sridevi Blue Saree

Source: rediff.com

Nau Nau Chudiya

Sridevi created lot of trends, but this one – nau nau chudiya remains popular to this day! When she danced to this song back in the day, girls envied her and boys were amazed by her. Her mathapatti , hair accessory, (back in fashion again) and her jhumkas were a popular demand and tailors were swarmed with request of Sridevi k jaisa pink lehenga.

Sridevi Nau Nau Chudiya

Source: youtube.com


Then came those Nagin days when Sridevi just blew everyone’s mind with her fabulous performance. Not just that, but her costume, makeup and hair were so on point! Here’s a picture to prove that.

Sridevi Nagin

Source: blogspot.com

Back on Top

Then, after a long haitus, Sridevi made it back with hit movie English Vinglish. Her role of a mother required her to be docile and wear saree’s. But she knocked this role to perfection and made saree’s fashionable. Gotta love her floral prints!

Sridevi in English Vinglish

Suit up!

Well, we would think that anyone can wear a saree. But Sridevi showed us she could wear a man suit and rock it with total elegance! Do you guys see the cut outs and her sleek hairstyle? We just have total admiration for this lady!!

Sridevi’s Fashion

Source: missmalini.com


Glam doll

Here’s another example for those of you who thought that Sridevi couldn’t glam up anymore. In a fiery red dress, she looks smoking hot. How she manages to carry that plunging neckline, only she knows. What we know is she carries it very well!

Sridevi in red dress

Source: cutmirchi.com

Here’s wishing her A Happy Birthday!!

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