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Wedding Pictures That Must Be Captured If You Are a Christian Bride

by Fashionlady
Christian Wedding Pictures

Christian Wedding Pictures

A Christian Wedding is a sight to behold and with hundreds and thousands of brilliant idea floating around, the bride is always confused as to what are the must have pictures at her wedding. As a bride or a groom, there is hardly any time to brainstorm, but you can surely look at a list to decide what kind of pictures you would definitely want. FashionLady has picked up some unforgettable ways to cherish your wedding pictures forever. So, let’s get started with the christian bridal photography!

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When the Bride’s Getting Ready

This is the moment, this is it! The time when the bride is about to dress up in her most surreal gown. This moment is extremely important in a bride’s life and each bride would want to capture it all. This is the time when you can actually have a lot of beautiful pictures. Here are some of them:

1. The One With the Bridal Gown

The gown that says it all-you can hang your wedding gown at an aesthetic location and even have your shoes with them like these:

Christian Wedding Pictures

Source: truephotography.com

2. The One With the Bridesmaids

The most important girls in a bride’s life deserve some good pictures too. These women have been with you through thick and thin, and they know you inside out. Hence, there should definitely be candid photos with the bridesmaids.

Christian Bride with Bridesmaids

Source: adelightfulday.com

3. The One With Mommy Dear

The person whom you will believe even with your eyes closed-your mom. A picture with your mommy is a must. Here are some ways you can click them:

Christian Bride with Mother

Source: theknot.com

4. The One With the Father of the Bride

The most special man in your life also deserves a wonderful picture. Don’t forget one with your daddy dear.

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Christian Bride with Father

Source: wordpress.com


Christian Wedding Pictures

Source: kiefelphotography.com

2. A Picture of the Cute Ring-Bearer or Flower Girls

This is one picture that has an awwwdorable rating! The ring bearer and flower girls are always the cutest beings at the ceremony, so don’t forget to take some cutesy looking pictures of them!

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Cute ring-bearer or flower girls

Source: intimateweddings.com

3. A Picture of the Bride and Dad Entering

It’s the moment when the song starts: Here comes the Bride, Here comes the Bride. All eyes are on the father and daughter duo as they slowly make their way towards the altar. A picture to frame this moment forever is extremely essential!

Bride and Dad Entering

Source: clairestelle.com

4. The Kiss of Approval

The kiss of your seal of eternal love-This photo is required and make sure your snapper gets it at the right moment!

Christian Wedding Photography

Source: birdsofafeatherphotosblog.com

5. Bride and Groom Leaving the Wedding Venue

The end of a great ceremony and beginning of a great life with each other-this is one photo that should definitely be in the wedding album. As the bride and the groom leave the venue, pictures could be taken or they can be taken after they sit down in their car.

Christian bridal photos

Source: hartcornweddings.com

So, there you go! The complete list of pictures that must definitely be in your wedding album!

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