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Wear A Pretty Bohemian Wedding Flower Crown At Your Wedding

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floral wedding crown

wedding flower crown

Silver tiaras or the oxidized ones to wear at your wedding? Confused, well this is a peril most PYTs who plan a Bohemian wedding face, but why wear metal at all is the question.

Here are some bohemian wedding wreaths

Why metal when you can wear a pretty wedding flower crown or bohemian wedding wreaths to up the ante when it comes to haute bridal trends.

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Back Then

In the days of the ancient, olive wreaths were the norm, symbolizing fertility and abundance for the bride who enters her new home. Not much has changed with the oncoming of the new-age though, but for sure, there are wedding flower crowns with touches of the sacred olive branch crowning the glorious tresses of gorgeous Bohemian brides these days. Here’s a sneak peak!

Best bridal floral crown

Source: percyhandmade.com

Pretty Wedding Flower Crowns You Could Wear At Your Wedding

It could be a fashion statement you would start by wearing one, but traditional boho-chic wedding wreaths now are the norm for most unconventional weddings, especially if you do not fancy wearing a veil!

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Best wedding head wreaths

Source: percyhandmade.com

Gorgeous Touches To The Bridal Ensemble

Keeping it minimal and chic, au naturale to say so, the classiest floral wedding crown is one made from fresh flowers in light colours – pinks, peaches to whites and creams.

Best wedding flower crown

Source: bridalmusings.com

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Made With Love Using Classic Roses Or Soft Hydrangeas

With the amalgamation of all things beautiful on a bride-to-be, the classy touches of hydrangeas and roses and spun into a wedding floral crown, cannot be underestimated!

Best floral crown for Wedding

Source: bridalmusings.com

Tiny White Primroses

Don’t like the flowers too large, opt for chic tiny ones that sit pretty on the forehead and match the gorgeous bridal ensemble and the bouquet too!

wedding wreaths

Source: storyboardwedding.com

Colourful Carnations

Carnations on the hair and with a chic minimal touch as well; perfect for the bohemian bride who wants no shine or bling or too much fancy at her wedding!


Large White Flowers

You could DIY this large bridal floral crown at home with the help of wire and twine, and a few nag champa flowers. Smell heavenly as you walk down the aisle, your man at the altar would be floored for sure!

wedding head wreaths

Source: etsystatic.com

Bright And Vibrant

Bohemian weddings aren’t dull and shabby to say the least; Bohemians know how to celebrate the most joyous events, musicals and in short, their lives with plenty of colour pops now and then.

Best wedding hair wreaths

Source: weddingpartyapp.com

Bohemian Inspired

Perfect for a beach wedding and with a bohemian touch, the wedding head wreaths made from tiny white primroses and sitting entwined with olive reeds are a sure shot eye grabber to flaunt; the best part is, the salty sea winds wouldn’t blow the wreath off!

flower crown for Wedding

Source: chicagoillinoisweddingphotography.com

Deep Red Passion

Red roses speak of passion and sensuality ahead, and a bride so confident about what she wants, must have red roses as her crowning glory.

wedding flower crowns

Source: gstatic.com

Let’s Play Violets And Blues

Breaking from the conventional norms of whites, pinks and reds, wedding hair wreaths in colours of violets and blues are making a comeback too.

Braids Hairstyles Crowns for Weddings

Source: pinterest.com

Happy In Her Own Ways

The quaint smile says it all, and the bride-to-be is the happiest today. She wears to burden and weight on her head, which is what the bohemian wedding flower crown she sports, says!

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floral wedding crowns

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Roses And More Of Them

Choose roses, the symbol of love and in various shades and hues that too!

Bridal Floral Crown

Source: blogspot.com

We loved them all, we surely did! Choose your style and let us know too!

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