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Trendy Boho Head Accessories – Make Heads Turn As You Enter Your

by Fashionlady
Trendy Boho Head Accessories

Trendy Boho Head Accessories

Psst, would you want to make a heady statement tonight, as you celebrate your BFFs birthday or engagement at a chic pub? You have your eyes on one of the blokes who’d be attending, but he loves his women, simple and minimalistically embellished. So ditch those heavy statement pieces you’ve always worn, and capture the attention of the bloke. Much more than impressing him, do this for yourself, and here are 10 bohemian head accessories to wear at the pub that would guarantee you more than just a look!

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Fancy a Gold Leaf Headpiece

All that glitters on your crown, is indeed in gold. The Midas touch tonight can work wonders, when you wear the Gold Leaf Headpiece and leave the hair loose. Perfect for loose hairdos, updos and pixie cuts too, the Gold Leaf Headpiece allows you the bohemian rhapsody much needed!

Boho head accessories

Source: pinterest.com

As a Bridesmaid at the Pub

While celebrating your friend’s engagement and since she has chosen you to be her coveted bridesmaid, you have got to look the part sans stealing the thunder from her on this big day! A chunky headchain thus would be apt to wear, and suits every ensemble!

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Chunky headchain

Source: pinterest.com

A Cute Minimal Headchain

For the girls night out and should you want to keep it minimal and trendy, think of the Bohemian Crystal Head Chain with a butterfly on one side. Butterflies symbolise prosperity and success, and your story tonight would be on the same lines!

Bohemian crystal head chain

Source: pinterest.com

Like it Back to Front

Your headchain needn’t be front to back at all times. While it can be annoying having something dangling over your forehead, the back to front and very minimalistic in bling headchain can keep you company tonight, as you sip a mojito at the bar!

Boho bling headchain

Source: pinterest.com

Shine Up the Stars and the Moon

Play a little astro here with the dance of the moon and stars, on your crown. Your tresses should be left long and loose, allowing the moon and stars on the headchain made from silver, flow free and nice!


Source: pinterest.com

Olive Leaves for Good Luck

You never know which night at the pub can get you lucky, and who’s watching you while you shake those legs or sit at the bar, at the pub. The olive leaves that hang from the headchain, could bring in the luck factor you need!

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Boho headchain

Source: pinterest.com

Bohemian Headband Headdress Gypsy Jewelry Chic

Trust the gypsies to show us how to doll up in styles, minimal, natural and the best. While we go gaga over their sense of fashion and lifestyle, the cute Bohemian Headband Headdress Gypsy Jewelry Chic has a trendy story to tell!


A Handmade Haute Couture Headchain

All things handmade have higher value, which is why the stunning Handmade Haute Couture headchain from rhinestone embellishments and metal, sure does make a statement in the darkest of the pubs housing party animals. Perfect to wear for any occasion and event, or maybe just a girls night out for fun as well!

Handmade haute couture headchain

Source: pinterest.com

Blue Beaded Headpiece Boho Head Jewelry

Best the blues of daily life and hop into the pub wearing a chic statement on your head, should you not like too much of the flash and bling. The cute and trendy Blue beaded Headpiece Boho Head Jewelry thus would be your thing to flaunt!

Bohemian headchains

Source: pinterest.com

Loved them all, didn’t you? And there is more to come ahead! Let us know your style and tastes, and we would show you a range from them as well!

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