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Here Are Five Items to Make The Boho Chic Look Work On You

by Fashionlady
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How to Look Boho Chic
Hey girls and PYTs, ditch the boring day time and evening makeup routines, and now! Since the monsoons are here and you would want to be a little more on the wild-child trail, why stick to the norms, when there is so much of fun with makeup to do? Today we would like to show you ten cute but very bohemian ways to bring out the inner wildness from you, so please take a look and write in if you need help with them!

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Pocahontas cries a waterfall

Get this look! Pretty sassy and wild, but very easy to do, with total focus on the lower eyelid and the area around the lower lash! Highlight the brow bone with yellow shades on the upper lid, and use a semi-dark shade to start from the crease line and across the rest of the upper lid. For the lower lid, use three strokes of dark kohl, and one stroke of mascara for both lashes. Embellish the area below the lower lash line with white fabric paints in tiny drops!

Boho Chic Style

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Eyes and the skies

Sky blues for the inner eyes, while the winged eyeliner look does its magic. A little shimmer and shine from the inner corner of the eyes to the mid of the upper and lower lash line, is more than enough to set the mood. Quite boho with the arch of the brow being raised and filled in!

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Boho Chic Ideas

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Evergreen Spring eyes

Focus on sea greens and very light shimmery greens to bring on the evergreen Spring look for the eyes and the boho chic touch. From the crease line to the socket, embellish the upper lid with two shades of sea and shimmery greens, while the lower water line should be dolled up with one stroke of very light green eyeliner. One stroke of transparent mascara for the upper lash and lower lash only, sets the look!

Bohemian Fashion Style Tips

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Boho and nude

The nude look for the monsoons is in! To get this look, the embellishments over the brow bone and the arch of the brow, right on to the middle of the brow bends, should be the focus. With tiny motifs on the forehead, the eyes and the face should be dolled up with foundation, blended with compact powder to seal the look and very light brown eye shadow and transparent mascara for the eyes!


Boho chic look

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The fresh floral look

While keeping it au naturale is the key to boho chic makeup looks, what you could do is to make your lips the prominent factor of the whole get up! Red or pinks with glossy shines, to which the cat eyes and the twiggy mascara version would seal the deal!

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Boho chic Fashion

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Starry-starry nights

A party to attend and you want to be the boho princess? Get the starry look for the night! Once done with the foundation and the compact touch, focus on two strokes of kohl for the upper and the lower lash line, with one stroke of white eyeliner for the lower water line to make the eyes very prominent. A few shimmery stars with eyeshadow for the eyes (light brown eyeshadow on the outer corner of the eyes only) would seal the look.

Ways to Rock Boho Chic

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Twiggy eyes and rosy red lips

Keeping the eyes and the lips as centre of attraction, play with two strokes of white or transparent eyeliner for the upper and lower lash line, and a single coat of white transparent mascara for the lashes- set the look!

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