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Sexiest Celebs in a Bikini

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Sexiest Celebs in a Bikini

Sexiest Celebs in a Bikini

Everyone knows the story of a bikini. The two piece or sometimes even a one piece can turn quite a number of heads. The perfect beachwear, it really takes a lot of courage to actually wear a bikini and flaunt your body. For years, bikini-clad actresses, whether in Hollywood or Bollywood have flaunted their bods and shed their coy images. They are what you call the showstoppers in a movie. Let’s check out Hollywood and Bollywood’s sexiest bikini clad celebs.

Sonam Kapoor’s Rad Avatar

This was quite a surprise entry to our list. Sonam, who was always a chubby child, finally left her coyness behind and donned the two-piece for one of her upcoming movies (Bewakoofiyan). Check her sizzling in her rad/red bikini.

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Sonam Kapoor in bikini

Source: boxofficecapsule.com

Priyanka Chopra’s Golden Bod

She has always been our favourite. The former Miss World has wowed one and all with her bombshell figure. Whatever she wears she turns tons of heads. She flaunts a saree as well as she flaunts a bikini. She literally scorched our screens when she came out of the ocean in one helluva bikini in the movie Dostana!

Priyanka Chopra in bikini

Source: ytimg.com

Alia Bhatt’s Mellow Yellow Bikini

The newest and one of the youngest entries in Bollywood, Alia Bhatt sizzled in Student of the Year in a beautiful yellow bikini. It was her debut movie and though it didn’t do that well in the box office, she did manage to create her mark in the industry.

Alia Bhatt in bikini

Source: blogspot.com

Bipasha Basu the Bomb

She is one of the fittest stars in Bollywood. Bong beauty Bipasha Basu, who was also a model managed to look smoldering in her itsy bitsy red bikini in the movie Players. Not a newbie to bikinis, she managed to look very fine for her age!

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Bipasha Basu in bikini

Source: blogspot.com

Smoldering Shilpa Shetty

Shilpa Shetty has a body women could kill for! The curvaceous actress is known for her good looks and very hot body. She has worn bikinis in several movies and is especially remembered for her gorgeous bikini in Dostana.

Shilpa Shetty bikini in Dostana

Source: retham.com

Now that you have seen Bollywood’s hottest bikini babes, let’s check what Hollywood has in store for us.

Halle Berry The Hottie

No one can forget Halle Berry emerging from the ocean in her orange bikini in Die Another Day. She has literally stopped aging and looks even better in her bikinis. The fit mom is an inspiration to one and all!

Halle Berry in orange bikini

Source: justjared.com


Jessica Alba in bikini

Source: reddit.com

Jada Pinkett Smith

The mother of three can put any woman to shame with her flawless body. She is way above 40 but still manages to look fit and fabulous. Will Smith must be very proud of his 5 feet 3 inches wife! Somebody please look at her taut tummy! Did she even give birth to three gorgeous kids?

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Jada Pinkett Smith at beach

Source: popsugar-assets.com

Megan Fox

Even when she was pregnant with her first kid she was blossoming in her bikinis. Megan Fox looked utterly gorgeous in all her bikini looks.

Megan Fox in bikini

Source: popsugar-assets.com

Phew! That was all very hot! Don’t you think so? We sure need a chilled drink now!

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