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Cover Up Please: 14 Ways to Wear Your Bikini in Style

by Fashionlady
14 Ways to Wear Your Bikini in Style

14 Ways to Wear Your Bikini in Style
A recent newsflash post took most of us PYTs by surprise- the land of Kamastura has had the moral police across the nation talking about why women and girls shouldn’t wear bikinis to the beach – anywhere in India! We aren’t here to spread propaganda and to start a fight, but fashionistas across the nation would surely agree that we could still bake our cake and eat it too. Here are a few ways to wear your bikini at the beach or a public pool and yet keep the unwanted attention away- take that moral police!

1. Bright bikini top

What do you do if you have a bright bikini top? The answer is simple – wear it as a bra below your sheer shirt or overalls. Heads would turn for sure, but because you’ve worn it in style and not for anything else *wink*

Bright bikini top

Source: pinimg.com

2. Self-tanner to the rescue

Should you fancy the bikini with a sarong and not want the dirty eyes and attention over you; go tan. The tan lotion can be easily wiped off, even when it touches your delicate fabrics and you’d look a million bucks too.

Self tanner to the rescue

Source: i.aliimg.com

3. Tease with Boyshorts

Bikini tops with Boyshorts turn on the man who romps the sand and the sun with you- make it boyish and sexy.

Tease with Boyshorts

Source: i.dailymail.co.uk

4. MTV 90s Spring Break style

Bring back the golden 90s in style and flaunt them wearing your bikinis that too. A skimpy bikini suit with Pandora leggings, why not?

MTV 90s Spring Break style

Source: wordpress.com

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5. The rodeo bikini babe

Heehaw! Summers are here and a statement on the beach has to be made- white half-rodeo pants and your bikini in the same shade- sexy, sassy, wild and superhot!

The rodeo bikini babe

Source: i.aliimg.com

6. Lady GAGA inspired

Daring much – bikini tops in unique clam shell designs with midi-dresses or skirts that shine- hot as hell for the evening at the beach.

Lady GAGA inspired

Source: i.dailymail.co.uk

7. Fishnet see-through

Make it hotter for the nights; have a party to attend at the beach or the pool and would like to be well covered up too – a see through fishnet shirt with your black bikini top underneath and ripped or faded denims would make a statement!


Fishnet see through

Source: i.dailymail.co.uk

8. Flower power

Let the flowers do the talking while under them stays your bikini top. Not too hot to handle and quite feminine for the daytime beach soiree.

10. Patriotic and boho

Prove a point and be sassy too; the beach is all yours and you’d be looked upon with utmost respect. A patriotic crop top with printed bikini lowers should be the deal then- worth the wear this summers at a private pool party.

Patriotic and boho

Source: ecwid.com

11. Rhinestone fashion

Grab a terra-cotton silk slit skirt and pair it up with a pastel shaded cotton shirt, under which you wear your bikini top with minimal boho-chic embellishments. Trendy and haute for the beach fun!

Rhinestone fashion

Source: pinimg.com

12. Sari tales and the bikini top

Go all desi with the firangis around- drape the delicate garment around your bikini top as though you’ve worn a quarter-sari or the half one!

Sari tales and the bikini top

Source: wordpress.com

13. Palazzos to pair with

Casual evening out with family, friends or with someone special- dress to kill or impress- wear palazzos with a netted top and your bikini top underneath the top.

Palazzos to pair with

Source: glambistro.com

14. Long skirts with bikini tops

A printed bikini top with a self-coloured long skirt this noon would be so fine! Keeps the skin protected from the harmful UV rays of the sun and let’s you flaunt your chic fashion sense too.

Long skirts with bikini tops

Source: lbstatic.nu

Well, we girls have an endless list of wearing our bikinis to the beach or at a privy pool party- it’s now your turn boys, show us what you got! Beach wear for women has always got all the attention especially when seen sporting them at the sands.

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