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A Must Have Beauty Kit For All New-Age Career Oriented Woman

by Fashionlady
womens Beauty Kit

Beauty Kits For Women
Who rules the world? Girls”…… Beyonce Knowles

While Beyonce sang the famous song on girl power, she empathised with a touch of feminism on the importance of women, and how the world now is being ruled by the maternal touch. In this day and age, women have come out of their homes, managing jobs and kids, in-laws and the hubby too. But there is also a need for her to groom and keep up with her looks, because sometimes she would have to flaunt them to her advantage too, especially at her work place. NO SHE ISNT TAKING ADVANTAGE OF THE MALE WEAKNESS HERE, instead, she is using her charming feminine ways to intelligently bring productivity to the table! So let’s gather our working-girl’s-beauty-kit, and get ready to doll up for work, shall we!

For the Face

You would want to hide those blemishes and dark circles for sure, and promote good skin too, so kohl for the eyes is a must with proper foundation, a compact and a concealer for the skin. One can opt for a tinted moisturizer, keeping in mind the monsoons and the humidity here, which would not make the face look all made up or heavy for the day, and a compact from a reputed company for a touch up, just before you enter a client meet!

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Dab a little foundation and with a wet piece of cotton, gently dab the foundation to blend over the face. The next step would be to use a translucent powder or a compact powder to seal the look. Wait for a moment, and then head on to the brows.

womens beauty tips

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For the brow

Not all of us Indian women have full brows, a majority do though. However, let’s focus on the few who need to have a filling in done, to perfect their brows. Grab hold of a mascara brush by a reputed company and comb your brows.

Use whites, yellows or the off-whites to highlight the brow bone, and then go ahead to fill in the brows with kohl.

Best Eyebrow Kits

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For the eyes

Be very wary of the colours you choose, because the boss expects you at work and not a mobile- Christmas tree. One stroke of mascara for the lashes, or a single line of kohl for the upper lids would be fine. For the lower water line, a stroke of waterproof eyeliner is a must.

Once the face and the brow are done, go ahead and use one stroke of eyeliner on the upper lid, with one stroke of mascara for the upper lid as well. For the lower lid, just one stroke would be enough for the intense day time look.

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Beauty Kit For the eyes

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For the blush effect

To add a little freshness and vibrancy post lunch, the cheekbones should be given a touch. Peach to pink, and in accordance to the work-regulation rules of makeup allowance at work, two strokes on each cheekbone of the blush should be used. Sheer blushes are the best to use, for an au naturale day time work wear!


Remember to shape the blush in the formation of the alphabet C, from your forehead to the cheek, and then from the inner cheek to the temple!

Beauty Kit For the blush effect

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For the lips

Go all nude, pinks or peach but do not make the mistake of going too vibrant with the reds and plums at work. This could send out the wrong message, unless of course it is evening and there is a night visit by the clients at an offshore location. Instead of lipsticks, think of lip gloss and lip stains, or a simple lip balm for the glossy look.

These five items should be used to keep the face, clean and fresh, before and after makeup application!

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