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Different Ways to Layer T-shirts

by Fashionlady
Ways to Layer T-shirts

Ways to Layer T-shirts

Wearing your t-shirt with your jeans, while fine, is also a bit too generic and boring for our liking. It is such an impersonal look that it is akin to committing fashion suicide. You need to put your stamp on the look, making it more interesting and stylish and less generic and mundane. So how do you go about making a t-shirt look more stylish and fun? By layering it, of course! Mentioned below are some cool and simple different ways to layer t-shirts. Now nail the ‘casual chic’ look with confidence.

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With a Shirt

Wear your plain t-shirt with a printed shirt for an easy laid back look. If you’re feeling adventurous you can even try to mix and match patterns to create an interesting visually shocking look. For instance, how about pairing your striped t-shirt with a checked shirt? That should make for an eye-catching outfit for sure.

Ways to layer t-shirts

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With a Blazer

You can wear your solid coloured t-shirts to work simply by pairing them with a nice blazer. This look will be a hit for Friday business casual outfits.

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Ways to layer t-shirts

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With a Dress

This is where it gets a little crazy. And as we all know crazy equals genius in fashion. Layer your t-shirt over a summer dress for a cool new look. If you’ve worn a dress too many times and are worried about repeating it, then this is the easiest and coolest makeover you can give it. Simply wear your t-shirt over your dress to make a new outfit.

T-shirt on skirt

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Pile on the Layers

Create the perfect fall/winter look by piling on the layers. Add two or three layers over your t-shirt; they can range from denim jacket to a vest to a scarf and sweater. Make your winter look interesting by customizing different patterns and fabrics to create your own unique look.

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Tips to layer t-shirts

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With a Leather Jacket

This look never gets old. Pair your old faded t-shirt with a leather jacket for a look that screams badass. If you don’t own a leather jacket, we suggest you get one. Every girl should have a leather jacket for those days when she needs to bring out the badass biker babe in her.

Layer t-shirts with leather jacket

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With a Bomber Jacket

For those days when it’s a bit chilly outside, layer your t-shirt with a bomber jacket for a comfortable look. The jacket will keep you warm and at the same time give a very laidback stylish-yet-low-maintenance-gal vibe to your look.

T-shirt with bomber jacket

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Layer t-shirts with scarf

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T-shirts are a staple in every girls wardrobe and when you know how to style them right, you can create a number of cool looks. From going to the movies to going to work, your t-shirt can work in a lot of places and occasions, provided you layer it as suggested.

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