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Out-Of-The-Box Sugar Skull Makeup Ideas

by Fashionlady
Sugar Skull Makeup

Sugar Skull Makeup Ideas

If you thought that there is only one way to do sugar skull make up then it is time to rethink. There are ample possible ways to paint your face with a unique sugar skull makeup. Along with your sugar skull make up add a unique sugar skull costume and you are ready to celebrate the day of the dead (Dia de los Muertos).

Let us show you how a sugar skull costume should look. For a perfect sugar skull look you should have a perfect sugar skull makeup and a perfect sugar skull costume.

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Well the sugar skull makeup follows a pattern and once you understand this pattern you can easily do your sugar skull makeup.

Following Are Some Easy Steps on How to Do Sugar Skull Makeup

  1. Start with your eye makeup first. Define your eye socket area and mark its boundary. Then apply the desired color inside with the help of a brush. Just like shown in the image cover your entire eye socket area.
  2. Now apply white colored body paint on your face barring the eye socket area. Keep the paint thin and in good consistency. If need be, apply some powder on it for better and long lasting effect.
  3. Give your cheeks a gentle brush and then paint your nose with black color as the design shown in the image above. You can change the design as per your creativity.
  4. Now it’s the turn of your lips. Color your lips with a desired shade and then draw huge teeth on it. Extend the teeth according to how much ever long you want.
  5. And lastly draw some intricate designs on your face. Voila! Your sugar skull make up is ready
Makeup Sugar Skull Ideas for Women

Source: pinterest.com

However there are many ways in which you can change the colour combination and design ideas of your makeup and look different. We show you some unique makeup ideas for your sugar skull make up. Check them out.

Look at this black and white. It is worth trying

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Black and white sugar skull makeup

Source: pinterest.com

Check out this neon color makeup effect. It is indeed scary for the dark.

Sugar skull makeup types

Source: pinterest.com

This is an easy and skin friendly option. A sugar skull make up without the white paint.

Sugar skull women makeup

Source: pinterest.com


How about this half sugar skull makeup? Well it is really unique.

How to do sugar skull makeup

Source: pinterest.com

This jewelled look for the sugar skull makeup is indeed worth it. It has some wonderful use of rhinestones.

Halloween sugar skull makeup

Source: pinterest.com

This sketch effect make up is awesome and creative.

Halloween makeup

Source: pinterest.com

The skeleton effect for the sugar skull make up is simply innovative.

Sugar skull makeup tutorial

Source: pinterest.com

Well we are sure these makeup ideas will help you to perfect your sugar skull make up creatively. But do not forget to wear a sugar skull costume to complete your look. There are some unique accessories to add to get the perfect look for the Day of the dead. Do have a look at them

Sugar Skull Headband/ Tiara

Sugar Skull Headband

Source: pinterest.com

Sugar Skull Costume

Sugar Skull Costume

Source: pinterest.com

Sugar Skull Shoes

Sugar Skull Shoes

November is close by. Are you ready with your sugar skull make up and sugar skull costume idea yet. If no then take some inspiration from the above ideas and celebrate the day in style.

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