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Burberry Takes Lace Fashion Trend SS14 To The Next Level

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Burberry Lace Fashion Trend

Once reserved only for lingerie items, the lace fabric has eventually paved its way into the mainstream fashion. The lace trend has become the most tweeted elements in the 2014 fashion runways, in all possible forms from sleek day dresses (Little Lace Dresses) to frilly weekend tops, as Burberry takes lace fashion trend SS14 to the next level.

This year top fashion houses including Stella McCartney, Miu Miu, Chloe, Marc Jacobs, Givenchy, Burberry Prorsum, Meadham Kirchoff, Chanel, House of Holland, Christian Dior and Peter Pilottohave displayed the lace trend in different styles such as tailored spider webs in soft pastels, laser cut lace, and the elegant LLD (little lace dress) that fits perfectly with the romantic mood of SS14.

Lace has been making a significant mark on the fashion runways ever since its coinage as a strong fashion element. The versatility with which this delicate fabric is crafted is the major reason for its timeless appeal, thereby gaining huge applauds, wherever it is marketed.

There is no doubt fashion has always been in love with lace – from the soothing pretty lace frocks to the seductive sheer gowns and tops. While the official color of 2014 Radiant Orchid and other shades like pink, purple and black dominated the SS14 runways, white crochet lace continues to remain a symbol of sophistication and elegance.

Lace Fashion Trend

The Lace Fashion Trend of 2014

In the recent fashion weeks, almost every fashion connoisseur displayed their own version of the lace fabric. While Burberry displayed their lace in sheer candy floss pink lace pencil skirts, Tom Ford showcased a bold version of lace ensemble with a see through 3 piece silhouettes. Even Dolce & Gabbana wowed us with their SS14 lace collection, out of which their little black lace dress emerged as a winner flaunting statement-making pleated sleeves teamed with high-waist hot pants and bandeau.

How Lace Originated

Let’s have a quick sneak peek into the history of the ever-lovable lace fashion trend!

Lace actually originated in late 16th century in Europe, where fashion was witnessing a stark revolution. The twisting and knotting of the tattered edges of the ensembles gave birth to the ingenious technique in the form of lace to the fashion world.

The initial technique depicts the masterly craftsmanship of that era. In those days, the lace-making was purely confined to the upper class fashion trends. Eventually, the lace took over the traditional embroidery, as it saved several hours which were spent in handcrafted embroidery works.

lace dresses

One of the greatest advantages of the lace fabric was that this revolutionary textile could be easily unsewn and used over different fabric say cotton.


Thanks to its versatility, lace soon became a major fashion accessory, which was soon found on collars and cuffs for both men and women. After Queen Elizabeth I heavily donned lace outfits, this fabric also got its stamp of royalty.

Lace Fashion Trend from Spring Summer 2014 Runways

In one of my March editions, I had mentioned about Neelam Johal – the first Indian to model for Burberry? Click here to read more about her.

Lace Fashion

Did you Know? Neelam also walked the ramp for Burberry gracing the lace Spring Summer 2014 in baby blue.

Burberry Lace Fashion Trends

Did you know: Nottingham was once the center of the world’s largest lace production?

The Burberry creative head reminded this factor to the world through his sheer coverage day dresses and elegant pencil skirts in which he sent down his supermodels leaving nothing up to the imagination.

Every model walking for Burberry was swathed in the monotonous pencil heels with straps in either bold pink or viridian green. Apart from the fluffy knits and lacy skirts and cashmere drapes, the folded and crushed soft purses were among other highlights.

I wanted this English rose, soft and tender. It started with a mood more than a theme something gentle and kind.” explained Christopher Bailey backstage.

The shower of lace in English Rose was also flanked by occasional clusters of rhinestones, thereby giving an edge to the Burberry’s lace fashion trends of Spring Summer 2014.

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