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Indian Women Scientists

10 Indian Women Scientists Who Have Made Our Nation Proud

National Science Day and International Women’s Day is coming up, and there is no better way than to take a moment to honor these remarkable women scientists of the past and present. Take a...
Strong Women Of India 2018

Top 10 Strong Women Whose Achievements Made Headlines In 2018

They said, “Google must be a woman because, she knows everything”. Today’s independent women are challenging all kinds of age-old stereotypes, traditional and cultural norms, and are no more broken down by societal expectations. They...
Study Skills To Become Successful Woman

9 Study Skills To Become A Successful Woman

Why are organizational skills important? Academic activity has its own peculiarities and rules which were formed and strengthened for many decades. You have to become a part of the educational system to get high...
Oprah Winfrey Speech At Golden Globes 2018

Inspirational And Uplifting Oprah Winfrey Speech At Golden Globes 2018

It was the Golden night where ‘BLACK’ ruled - in dress code, and in the form of ‘one’ woman, who took centre stage and left everyone speechless with her awe-inspiring speech! She is one...
Highest Paid Athletes

This List Of Highest Paid Athletes Will Astound You

It is time for a check on performance rating, assessment, popularity. And no, I am not referring to the film awards but Highest paid athletes. In this blog, I will take you through the...
Top Indian Sportswomen

Top 10 Indian Sportswomen: The Pride Of Our Country

The Indian sports fraternity is colossal – from great shooters to fabulous cricketers – we have someone bringing laurels and making us proud all the time. In the category of Indian sportswomen, we have...

Smita Sabharwal IAS: First Lady IAS Appointed to Chief Minister Office

Hello! I'm back with an exclusive post on Smita Sabharwal IAS officer. By now we've had the tradition of sharing stories about women, who have inspired the society, especially the female fraternity through their...
Gul Panag

Gul Panag Is A Certified Pilot Now

Each of us wants to reach heights but doubtful if our age and ability could take us there? This lady has proved that there is no room for those doubts - none other than,...
Olympic Women Achievers India At Rio 2016

Meet The 3 Olympic Women Achievers Of India At Rio 2016

And you thought cricket is the only sports passion in India? Well, it took three ordinary women of mettle to prove it otherwise at the recently concluded Rio Olympics 2016. Let me introduce you to...
SK-II Raises Strong Voice In Support Of Sheng Nu Women

SK-IIs Raises Strong Voice In Support Of Sheng Nu Women

Walking down the aisle, looking into the eyes of a perfect stranger and signing off the rest of the life on their name is a huge step in every woman’s life. There would be...

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