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An Open Letter To All Women; You Are Amazing

by Fashionlady
International Womens Day

Womens Day Quotes

HAPPY WOMEN’S DAY! To all you strong, independent, sensual, courageous and beautiful women, this article is a toast raised on how unknowingly inspiring each of you are. You are forever busy trying to live upto your parent’s expectations, saving that every penny for the future, transforming the house into a home, taking care of your parents, keeping your kids content, juggling between home and work, take some time out today to know your importance. You are a daughter, a wife and most importantly, a woman. A strong woman. Each one of you.

You are always in search of attention, love, and security which is what defines you. That is exactly what you will find. Let nobody change your opinion on that. You deserve more than that, the best will come to you. Don’t lose the gracious patience that has kept you going for so long. Things do go out of hand but there is nothing you cannot overcome, handle your problems in a thousand different ways on a thousand different days, emerging stronger than before. You are not broken, you are strong enough to embrace the glorious mess.

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Each stereotype against women triggers a rage in you, you want to shout out loud and tell them that their mentality needs a check. Here are a couple of the most common stereotypes each of us will relate to, and how it could end if tackled the right way.

Dark skinned girls are looked down upon. It could be the smartest girl of the lot or the most bubbly one, so why is color the base for talent and friendship? When did mentalities turn so sick? A dark skinned girl could aspire to be anything from a house maker to a model, and there’s nothing in between that could stop her from reaching her goals. It has been proved to us many times by the dark beauties in our society, they immense potential they withhold. Every person has a flaw, but this my friend, isn’t a flaw. Remember, “Talent doesn’t come in colours”, Raise your voice, you are more powerful than this stereotype.

Black Is Beautiful

Invest in a girl. She’ll do the rest” – A genius once said this line, and it covers every point you could think of. A girl goes beyond the kitchen, beyond a house, probably even beyond the capabilities of a man. It is no more true that only the man is a multitasker, women have proved beyond words could say. Running a home is inbuilt and that’s the boon you are gifted with, what you need to learn is how you could rule this world just by doing what you love.

Super Woman

Gone are the days, people cried about giving birth to a girl. Gone are the mentalities who did so, thought so, and tried to influence so. Girls strive to keep their parents heads high, to find happiness by keeping others happy, to adjust to societal norms, and a million little things that are too big for words. Save the girl child, they are not a burden, they are the future.

Save the Girl Child

Ssssh! Hushh! Ssssh! Yes, we know where this is going, “The Sanitary Napkins” topic. Why is it such a secret? Is it a taboo? It is Biological, for heaven’s sake. There is no need to keep it under the cover. ‘Don’t touch the pickle’, ‘Don’t worship’, are discouraging you to from pursuing daily activities. Defy the taboos and say it loud that ‘Menstruation is not shameful”.

Why the Hush

Alcohol is injurious to health. I don’t see them mentioning it is injurious to women particularly. Why are women judged if they drink? It has equal effects on men as that on women, so let your judgment be just as equal on men who drink as that on women.


Often cases are recorded of drunk men attempting rape, so she said: “Will I end up behaving like him too?”. Be strong and stand up for yourself.

Alcohol is Injurious to Mentality

Workplace woes are never ending for women. They are told to settle with salaries that they don’t deserve, salaries that feel mildly significant. When women think they are born to make something more, why discourage them to settle? When women are empowered, the likelihood of success is undefined. A sexist workplace doesn’t deserve you. Go chase your dreams.

This Women’s Day, all of you need to take a resolution to support one another, support your best friend, your neighbour. When women support each other, incredible things happen. End the girl-on-girl hate. Value the woman in your life and inspire them to push harder at their goals. RADIATE LOVE.

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