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Cosmetic Ingredients You Should Never Combine

by Fashionlady
Cosmetic Ingredients You Should Never Combine

Cosmetic Ingredients You Should Never Combine
Are your cosmetics and makeup products safe to use? Today the market is flooded with an array of skin care products that claim to offer you the magic of “Fountain of Youth”. And with such varied options we are not only confused when it comes to picking the right product, but also become hungry for flawless skin. This further provokes us to pick every beauty product that claims to treat our blemishes and delay the aging process as well. However, did you know there are certain cosmetic ingredients you should never combine?

Do have a read and have a safe skin care regime!

Beauty conscious women are familiar with AHA, BHA, ALA, DMAE, retinol, niacinamide, ceramides, soy extract, linoleic acids etc. Though these ingredients enable skin with effective results individually, when combined, some ingredients can create havoc on the skin as these compounds backfire.

For your safety I have gathered a list of few cosmetic ingredients that should never be combined.

Retinoids with AHA’s

Retinoids are chemical compounds that are derived from Vitamin A. They are primarily used as anti-aging agents and also help in treating acne and brown spots. It sloughs off the dead skin cells and boosts the cell turnover, thereby hugely helping in combating aging signs and other skin elements such as acne and breakouts.

AHA’s aka alpha hydroxy acids that are found in fruits and milk and help in dissolving dead skin cells.

Most of us are aware of vitamin A and its importance for skin. However, when retinoid is combined with AHA’s, a significant amount of irritation is incurred. So do not ever combine these both. Instead you can use them on alternate days.

Retinoids with AHA's

Source: zenmed.com

Benzoyl Peroxide with Hydroquinone

Benzoyl peroxide is available over the counter and comes in many forms of beauty products including creams, soaps, pads, gels and lotions.

Apart from treating acne, BP is also used for checking excessive secretion of sebum that contributes to oily skin.

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Hydroquinone helps in lightening freckles, age spots and other skin discolorations. It is normally used as bleaching agent on skin. This organic compound should not be used by those who have sensitive skin as they can be highly allergic. Even pregnant women and nursing moms should not use this cream.


While BP helps in treating acne and pimples; Hydroquinone helps in lightening the spots left behind by acne. But if both the ingredients are used together then some serious side effects are created, as they cause darkening of the skin.

Benzoyl Peroxide with Hydroquinone

Source: futurederm.com

Retinoids with Benzoyl Peroxide

We told you earlier how retinol creams work as anti-ageing products. We also told you that it is dangerous combining retinoid with AHA’s. Let us now tell you that , it can also be equally risky to combine retinoid with benzoyl peroxide. While BP is used in treating moderate acne, it is also used in eliminating bacterial and fungal infections from the skin. While some doctors suggest combining BP with Retin A is safe, as they work on acne pathogenesis. There are cases where women have been allergic to such treatments and can cause heavy irritation. So you should better consult with your dermatologist before going for such combination.

Retinoids with Benzoyl Peroxide

Source: youtube.com

So those were the cosmetic ingredients you should never combine. Hope you found this post useful!

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