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Disney Princess Hairstyles For Long Hair

by Fashionlady
Disney Princess Hairstyles For Long Hair

We have many Disney princesses to check out and emulate, don’t we? From Aurora in Maleficent to Pocahontas and even Elsa from Frozen, we are in love with the various Disney princess hairstyles for long hair they all have.

Disney Princess Hairstyles For Long Hair

There is always a certain charm and class about these gorgeous princesses, so very feminine and elegant. Our princesses never ever have a bad hair day it seems, and why would they? Don’t we wish to have the same as well, no matter what the situation around us would be like?

Most Popular Disney Princess Hairstyles:

Without much ado, we bring to you three gorgeous Disney princess hairstyles for long hair, which you can try at home. Wear it for a party, for a theme show or maybe for a friend’s birthday, it is time to be the princess of your own castle. Here, check the three gorgeous Disney princess hairstyles.

1. Elsa’s Braid In Frozen:

Looking at Elsa’s braid in the movie Frozen, we fell in love with it at the first sight. So simple and classy was the look, it would not take you all day to try out this Disney princess long hairstyle. The braid is classic and a loose one, and you should wash your hair a day before you try the steps below which will teach you how to get this braid done.

Step by Step:

  • The hair we see on Elsa is quite giant-sized, which means it is very fictional. What you need to do is separate the hair into vertical sections and tease each section with a teaser comb. This helps create the magnanimous volume for the hair which you need.
  • Now take three sections of the hair. It should be from the sides and from the top and the braiding should begin from the upper back of the head. It should not be too high on the upper back of the head and it should not be too tight as well. On either side of the braid, keep adding more loose sections of hair.
  • While doing the braid from the upper back of the head, you would reach the nape of your neck. Now bring the hair to the front of the shoulder, and the braiding should continue right till you reach the end. With a band, secure the braid.
  • To get a fuller look, from the sides of the braid, pull the hair a little loose and out. For the fringe or the bangs in front, curl them up in small strands and let them hang loose on one side of the forehead.
  • Add flowers as accessories to enhance the look.

So this is how you can do the Disney princess hair like Elsa from Frozen! Now we shall go ahead and show you how to copy another Disney princess hairstyle- PRINCESS AURORA’s twisted tale!

Elsa Hairstyle

2. The Twistback From Princess Aurora:

This is also a Disney princess hairstyle for long hair, which has been taken from Maleficent- Princess Aurora. The hair is cute and has a mysterious look to it with a beautiful wave and spell, which captivates the eyes. It is very feminine and soft, and very simple to try out too. Here are the steps on how to achieve the hairstyle of Princess Aurora.

Step by Step:

  • Start by creating very soft waves on your hair by braiding your hair and leaving it all night for no heat waves to form.
  • The next day, part your hair in the middle.
  • Take about an inch of the hair above the ear and three inches above the front of the head, and on either side too.
  • Now that you have these strands, it would be time for you to divide them further into two sections equally.
  • Softly twist each section and keep them loose. Take them behind your ears and then to the back of the skull diagonally.
  • Bring both the loose strands that have been twisted to the back and secure it with a clip to the head and then a hair tie. You can hide the tie and the clip with a little loose hair swirled and placed around it, so as to look very natural.
  • The twists now have to be loosened up when you gently tug and pull each of them towards the outside, so as to create an effect which is messy.
  • Generously use hairspray over the hair and place a few colored flowers to accessorize and make the hairstyle look cuter.

So here was how to get the hairstyle of Princess Aurora, now let’s try something cuter, shall we? What about buns? Mini Mouse Buns!

Princess Aurora Hairstyle

3. Minnie Mouse Buns:

If you have been invited to a themed party, this would be a fun Disney princess hairstyle for long hair to try. We have always loved Mini Mouse, and her cute little buns, have we not? So why wait for long when the steps below will show you how to get those cute little hair buns, like Mini Mouse! Here you go!

Steps by Step:

  • Brush and comb your hair, and get a center parting done first.
  • On either sides of the parting, tie a high ponytail each.
  • With a teaser comb or a tail comb, tease each ponytail and add more volume to the hair. This would emulate the characteristic puffy look of Mini Mouse’s hairstyle.
  • The top of the teased ponytail hair should now be smoothened, and with a brush so as to even out the unruly bumps that the hair texture has caught.
  • Now come to the tip of the ponytail, or the edge of it. Gently push the hair partially inwards and into the elastic of the ponytail, which will allow you to create a small bun.
  • Now gently spread the buns edges to either side and allow it to touch the ponytail base.
  • Spread the bun fan once more and pin the hair into place.
  • Generously use hairspray to set the hair in place.
  • Accessorize the cute hairstyle with Mini Mouse characteristic bow to one of the ears.

So here was a cute way to get the Mini Mouse buns done. Minnie Mouse Hairstyle

We hope you liked this post on how to do Disney princess hairstyles. If you have ever tried any of these or are planning to do so, we are excited to know your ways of doing it. Do write in!

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