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Light Weight Jewelry Designs For A Simple Bride

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Minimal Jewelry

Bridal Jewelry

The Indian lass these days doesn’t want to go OTT with her bridal look. With so much of running around to do, even on her D-Day, she doesn’t have the time or the inclination to deck up as a temple bride. This is why, most Indian brides these days opt for minimal bridal jewelry or light weight jewelry designs. With bridal jewelry, our brides not only look ravishing and stunning, but they use these ideas to incorporate at the sangeet, mehendi and at the reception too. If you have your wedding upcoming and would like to incorporate minimal bridal jewelry as well, here are minimal jewelry styles and designs that we would like you to take a cue from.

Simple and Minimalistic Jewellery Ideas

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Plenty Of Gorgeous Ideas She Can Choose From And Look Stunning

Goodbye heavy jewelry and OTT bridal fashion jewelry, our brides want something light, chic and elegant to grace their personalities on D-Day! Take a look at these stunning pieces!

1. In Gorgeous Sterling Silver

The dance of Lady Luna or the Moon Goddess is bestowed on every bride at her wedding, which is why a touch of silver is a must for the Indian lass while she takes her wedding vows. Looking at various chic pieces around, our bride could opt for chaandbaali to jhumkas, statement neckpieces to anklets and wristlets in scintillating sterling silvers. Here are a few options

Contemporary Jewelry Designs

2. Modern Indian Jewelry

Modern Indian jewelry can be worn at pre-wedding rituals and at the wedding reception too, which is what most brides would prefer than being weighed down in something heavy. From minimalistic designed maangtikkas to chokers for the neck, rings for the fingers to wristlets and anklets galore, she can choose from golds to silvers, rose golds to oxidized numbers to complete the look! Here are some options

Simple Gold Jewellery Designs

3. A Touch Of White Gold

For brides that love the effect of white gold on their wedding couture, which for sure balances the look and makes the personality look light, here are a couple of options she could indulge in. Chunky charm at its best, the encrusted numbers don’t look too flashy, aren’t too heavy to wear and can be worn for other occasions post the wedding too. here are your options.

Casual Jewelry For Brides

4. Pearls All The Way

For utmost elegance and for a decadent touch on the bride, pearls bring in the magical concoction that nothing else can. White shimmers all the way without being too loud, encrusted or pinned onto statement earrings, neckpieces and anklets, pearls make a vintage look come through with elan and grace. Pearls also help create a neutral tone to any wedding outfit, and completes the look sans the need for too many accessories and embellishments too. Once again, maangtikkas, chaandbaalis, nathus and nose rings can be minimalistically made from pearls.


Bridal Fashion Jewelry

5. Geometric Designs For The New Age Girl

New-age brides don’t mind experimenting and exploring, which is why they are ready and willing to play with edgy shapes and designs, styles and looks for their wedding jewelry too. Keeping in mind the playfulness and the jazz of Indian weddings, here are a couple of casual jewelry for brides in geometric and simple gold jewellery designs that can be worn at sangeets, mehendis and pre-rituals for the Indian wedding or maybe at the wedding reception too. These accessories balance the look and make the wedding feel for the bride come through as well!

Heavy Jewelry

Do let us know your thoughts about these five gorgeous ideas which the Indian bride can use instead of wearing very heavy and OTT blingy wedding jewelry. Also do write in and let us know if you have your own ideas and thoughts about contemporary jewelry designs that you would like to share with the world, or maybe have worn to a wedding or plan to wear for yours. We are listening and waiting for your inputs too!

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