Dry Skin Tattoo: How To Properly Heal Your Tattoo When It’s Drying


dry skin tattoo

Tattoos – the beautiful way to keep something etched on your skin forever. People get tattoos for many reasons – for some, it is a way to express something, for others, it may be a memory. The bottom line is, you may get tattoos for umpteen numbers of reasons, but there are some rules, set in stone that you should always follow for keeping your tattoo beautiful forever and prevent dry skin tattoo.

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How To Avoid Dry Skin Forming On Tattoo

The most important way to ensure that your tattoo heals well and retains its colour is to follow the aftercare that your tattoo artist recommends for you so as to avoid dry skin forming on tattoo. There are certain protocols that will help to keep your tattoo looking good. These rules will also prevent your tattoo from fading or losing its colour. After you have taken the initial step of choosing the right tattoo artist, here is what you should be doing for a dry skin tattoo.

Healing Stages Of Tattoos

Since you have decided to get a tattoo for yourself, you should also know that a tattoo is actually a scar or a wound on your skin. It is open to the external conditions and it needs to heal well. The aftercare is extremely important for your tattoo and to prevent any kind of infections. Let us know more about the healing stages of tattoos.

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Step 1: After your tattoo is done, your tattoo artist will wrap your tattoo in a plastic so that it is not subjected to the outside atmosphere. Your tattoo is probably bleeding now and it is nothing to be scared of. It is just a part of the healing process. The bandage is crucial for a dry skin tattoo because it will protect the wound from any airborne bacteria. You will have to leave the cling film on for at least 2-4 hours.

Healing Stages of Tattoos
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Step 2: The next step after you reach your home, or a place free from the outside air is to wash your tattoo after removing the cling film. Wash off all the blood that is stuck to it and gently wash it with soap. Make sure you are not too harsh on your new tattoo and do not direct the faucet stream into your tattoo. Wash the tattoo in the shower instead and let it dry on its own.


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Step 3: Apply ointment on your tattoo till it heals. This may take a week or two. This is also the stage when you would wonder why there is dry skin on my tattoo. Well, the good news is, your tattoo is healing! The final stage of the tattoo is the dry skin forming on tattoo. Keep in mind the fact that the dry skin tattoo stage is also the most troublesome and how you take care of it during this stage will determine how your tattoo will look like.

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The true colours of your tattoo will begin to show at this stage. You will have immense itching and flakes falling off. It is important to remember that you should be scratching off these skin bits yourself. Let them fall on their own. This way your tattoo’s colour will retain and it won’t fade. During this time, it is also advisable to avoid any kind of exercise which will stress your tattoo. Try avoiding sunlight and chlorinated water (in swimming pools). These are two factors which contribute to fading away of the tattoo.

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So, there you go! Our tips to heal your dry skin tattoo well. Next time you want your tattoo not to fade, make sure you keep these above tips in mind!


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