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Rajesh Pratap Singh Outfits Keep on Trucking on the Runway

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In an era of fashion designers, there are only a few names, which have the spunk to re-invent fashion and beacon it towards a new course.

When Rajesh Pratap Singh first launched his label 16 years back in 1997, little did the Indian fashion industry know that one and half decades into the business this blue-eyed boy would change the face of Indian ready-to-wear.

Although Rajesh has crossed this path all by himself in this flamboyant Indian fashion fraternity, he has managed to rise to fame for his outlandish and outré standards, impeccable tailoring, unparalleled perception for detailing and unrivaled sophistication.

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Because of his singularity in the industry, he could easily gain confidence of some of the big names from the glamor world and could build a life-long friendship with those biggies.

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He has now the endorsement and unflappable support of clientele from elite class, industry veterans and anyone with a penchant for fashion, which has earned him the title “Indispensable in the Indian Fashion Industry”.

A NIFT alumnus, who puts up in Delhi but hails from Rajasthan spent two years in Italy refining the art of fusing his panache for exquisiteness and flair with the Italian style of unblemished stitching and spotless tailoring technique.

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Taking the untrodden path requires lots of courage and this designer was quite clear from day 1 about his future planning. He has always remained clear of blingy and gaudy ensembles, trousseau wear and archaic costumes which are typical of many of his contemporaries.


Simplicity is the key to his work with clean lines and effortless detailing form, wherein he gracefully blends contemporary with the traditional designs in an understated aesthetic fashion.

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When the designer was asked which piece he likes the best of all his creations so far, Rajesh had this to say:

“Everything I have done before is very close to my heart, however, I can’t look back and I don’t want to revisit any of my collections. The future, what lies ahead and what I will embark on next is all that is important to me.”

And the ace designer was quizzes on what’s next in his designing world, he continued,

“Well, there are many things, I export a lot of my collections and as I work a lot with various fabric mills like Arvind Mills, our collaborations result in research, development and new textiles.”

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Models sashay down the ramp in outfits deigned by Rajesh Pratap Singh in almost all prominent fashion runways both local and global alike.

Rajesh Pratap Singh is a busy guy. He has just completed his denim collection and a whole line of woven sarees. He has recently  collaborated with one of India’s finest cartoonists and is now working on an entire collection based on that.

Obviously celebrities and brand icons endorse and wear designers that they identify with,vice versa, designers dress celebrities whose characters and sensibilities they can associate with.

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He further states that his market is not Bollywood and his clients are different. Someone wearing a Rajesh Pratap outfit should always be a person with lot of personality and one who has a flair for individualistic style.

That being said, it’s not your regular fashionista or metro sexual who is spotted in a Pratap outfit.

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