Why is The Internet Obsessing Over Eyebrow Stamp?


Eyebrow Stamp

Have you ever spent more time drawing the perfect shaped brows? This is a common battle most women experience daily. Well the latest solution is the eyebrow stamp. It is an answer for your obsession over symmetry. Brows stamps are painless and less permanent, and they are exactly what the term stands for: stamps in the shape of perfect arches. Here is how it works- rub them into a powder before stamping on top of your brows. In no more than six seconds, you will achieve bold and flawless eyebrows. Doesn’t it sound too good to be true? To make it easier for you to understand eyebrow stamp makeup trend better, we have made an eyebrow stamp review below, alongside other information:

What is eyebrow stamping?

Most women have experimented with every beauty kit that promises perfect-shaped brows. The sad part is that makeup needs to be redone each time. This is the reason why maybe a lot of the makeup companies are coming up with solutions for perfectly-shaped eyebrows without wasting our precious time. The eyebrow stamping is the latest technique for achieving perfect eyebrow shape. This makeup trend lasts the entire day, so you need not obsess over retouching it. Introduced in South Korea, the eyebrow stamp is a simple solution for achieving perfect brows, because simply, no one has the time.

Eyebrow Stamp Review
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How does eyebrow stamp work?

An eyebrow stamp works just like any other stamp. There is a sponge to create the shape of the brows. Then after that, apply makeup powder to fill up the brows. You may simply push the stamp into the powder, before placing it over your brows for few seconds, in order to allow the powder from rubbing off. Then, you need to finish off blending your makeup around the eyebrows for clearing up any loose powder. The Internet is obsessing over this new trend, but the reviews for the same differ from person to person.

How does eyebrow stamp work
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How to select t?

For proceeding with eyebrow stamping, here is what you need to do:

  • Take a look at the mirror and analyze your eyebrow shape. Everyone has different eyebrow shapes, including flat, angled, curved, round, and soft angled.
  • After you learn about your natural eyebrow shape, select eyebrow stencils depending on them.
  • Then try to understand the thickness of the brows you wish to create. The thickness of your eyebrows can be thin, medium, or thick. So, choose accordingly.

Is it long-lasting?

Similar to any makeup tools, like eyebrow pencils, stencils, and powder, an eyebrow stamp also lasts the whole day. It is perfect for those people who are always in a rush and have little time to obsess over perfectly shaped eyebrows.

The right way to apply it

Using the eyebrow stamp is easy and quite similar to using other eye makeup tools, like eyebrow pencils and stencils. Similar to using a stamp, all you need is to damp the sponge over the makeup powder and apply over your brows.


Is it worth the cost?

Most of you may not be used to creating perfectly-shaped brows. The eyebrow stamp makes it simpler for you to shape and fill in your eyebrows without spending too much time and effort. It is simple and you can re-apply it throughout the day. The eyebrow stamp India is priced differently and is available in a lot of good brands.

Investing in a good quality set of eyebrow stamp is totally worth it. You can read more about eyebrow stamps available in India below:

On the Internet

If you search for #browstamp or brow stamps on Instagram or YouTube, you’re most likely to come across videos of stencils makeup work. Out of the many videos, this one in particular has captured our attention. It not only takes eyebrow stamping to a whole new level, but works wonderfully for everyone. Watch the tutorial below and you will be totally sold off to the idea.

So have you tried the eyebrow stamp yet? What are your thoughts on it? Share your experiences on what you thought about it in the comments box below. We would love to hear from you!


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