10 Foods for Healthy Curly Hair

4. Milk

Our hair is made of protein, however calcium also plays an important role in the growth of healthier hair. Milk is rich in both! You must have milk or products made of milk such as curd, milk, cheese to provide your body around 1000mg of required calcium daily.

Milk for healthy curly hair

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5. Citrus Fruits

Citrus fruits like oranges, grapefruits etc. are rich in vitamin C and it helps in getting rid of excess cholesterol that further makes the blood thin. These fruits help in improving blood circulation in your body.

Citrus fruits

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6. Carrots

As much vitamin A is great for the eyes, it is equally wonderful for your scalp. Carrots are rich in vitamin A. Carrots are must have in your diet!

Carrots for curly hair

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7. Eggs

Besides protein, eggs are rich in high biological protein and vitamin B-12, all of that are important for maintaining healthy curly hair. You can include it in your diet any way you want, be it hardboiled, omelette or scrambled egg.

Eggs for healthy hair

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8. Beans

Another great source of proteins, Beans are extremely important for healthy curly hair. They also contain iron, zinc and biotin.

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Beans for curly hair

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9. Oysters

If you are fond of sea food, you will love to hear this food item. Oysters! As they are full of zinc, required for healthy hair. However, sea food is in itself excellent for shiny and happy hair.

Oysters for hair

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10. Durum Wheat

Again great source of zinc, iron, vitamin B and protein, nutrients are essential for the healthier hair. You could easily avail the benefits of durum wheat through commercial bread and breakfast cereals.

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Durum Wheat

Source: privateeyehealth.com

Are you ready to buy these food items the next time you shop in the market? Have happy and healthier curls!

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