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From Flab To Fab – Let’s Check Out Parineeti Chopra’s Fashion Diaries

by Fashionlady
Parineeti Chopra Fashion

Parineeti Chopra Fashion

Known as the ‘Bubbly Girl’ of Bollywood, Parineeti Chopra was in the news of late and not for any hook ups, fashion disasters or links with someone but for her weight loss and chic fashion sense which spread over the social media like wildfire. While the boys went drooling over Parineeti Chopra’s new avatar, feminists and most girls envied the diva for her amazing transformation from flab to fab!

Parineeti Chopra’s Weight Loss Journey

Parineeti has been strong and determined too, and today we see Parineeti Chopra’s fashion and her weight loss spoken off with high regards. Yes, we do chant “all body frames and shapes are gorgeous”, but one needs to be healthy too in whatever shape you are blessed with- exactly what Parineeti Chopra fashion is all about. And thanks to the dedicated Parineeti Chopra’s weight loss secrets revealed by leading daily tabloids in our country, PYTs have taken the decision to look fab and fit for life! This is what we call inspiration.

Parineeti Chopra Weight Loss

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“However hard I try, I shall never be able to reach the size zero figure! I will only try to be in shape and to be as fit as possible. Size Zero will be unhealthy for me and I do not want to reach there,” asserts the actress who has lost weight recently.” Parineeti Chopra, Bollywood actor.

Parineeti Chopra Feet

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Parineeti – From Flab To Fit!

The amazing flab to fit journey undertaken by Parineeti has made us go bonkers over the diva. She is perhaps one of the very few starlets that have beaten the odds to make it weight wise to where she wants to be and isn’t striving for size zero.

Parineeti Chopra Age

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No wonder, whether she wears salwars, sarees, anarkalis, lehengas, western suits, crop tops with jeans and more, Parineeti Chopra dresses like a glam doll in this day and age. To be honest, she looks stunning in just about anything she wears, and has managed to shut up all her critics who cry hoarse about the actress demeaning body shapes and types; for she is not doing that!

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Parineeti Chopra Diet Plan

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Celebrity Designers Endorsed By Parineeti

It is her confidence and self-esteem which helped her in capturing the attention of eminent designers. From Rohit Gandhi to Rahul Khanna to JJ Valaya, if you look at the fashion weeks, it is proof that Parineeti Chopra’s diets and workouts have paid out immensely. Why the fuss?

Parineeti Chopra Dresses

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Parineeti hasn’t starved herself but has worked out well, and her trainer keeping in mind Parineeti Chopra’s height, has ensured that she doesn’t overdo with the healthy weight loss regime. The proof is right here for you and all of us to drool over with.

Parineeti Chopra Diet

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The best part about the actress is that she doesn’t like being compared with other Bollywood divas and instead loves being who she actually is. She is a fashionista in her own right and has evolved time and again to prove it to herself, and not to others that she is the best in her own ways.

Parineeti Chopra Height

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Parineeti Chopra Designer Wear

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We hope you get inspired from Parineeti’s fashion diaries – of the days gone by when she was all chubby to where she is now! Fashion is meant to adorn for sure, and you can customize the looks as per your needs.

Parineeti Chopra new avatar

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Do let us know your thoughts about this determined lass who has broken all domains in body frames owing to the mass mentality of glam sham!

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