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From Hair To Skin To Conditioning And Deep Cleaning, Heres How Rose Water Benefits One And All

by Fashionlady
Rose Water Beauty Tips

Rose Water Benefits

If you’ve never washed your hair or bathed your skin in a tub filled with rose water, you’ve then been missing out on the best rose water benefits your body could have wanted. Today, we may have the world’s best drugstore cosmetics and over-the-counter products that would feed and nourish our hair and skin; however, look back at a time when such products weren’t available, and yet our grandmothers and mothers had the best hair and skin, all thanks to the rose water benefits. If you too would like to gain rose water benefits, here are a couple of ways rose petals in water or rose water can help you. Read on!

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Rose Water For Skin And Hair

Talk about being an antioxidant or an anti-inflammatory ingredient in beauty and healthcare, antibacterial to a total hydrant too, the marvels of using rose water cannot be underestimated. Science too in this day and age has provided enough proof that rosewater for skin and hair can be used extensively, which is why even the glossiest of celebs and heroines from B-Town too are bathing in it.

How Does Rose Water Help The Skin!

Most Indian girls would wake up first thing in the morning and spray cold rose water on their face! You may have heard about this regime and there are very good reasons why rosewater for hair and skin are endorsed by Indian women like hot cakes from a popular bakery.

1. If you have very sensitive skin, you can dab a little rose water smeared on a cotton ball and rubbed on the surface of the skin to bring down inflammation.

2. You could also bring down the occurrence of wrinkles and blemishes, dark spots and age spots too, with the help of rose water. Splash a little on the face each day and night, and allow the antioxidants in it to tone and clean the skin, and to fight the onslaught of free radicals and the harmful UV rays of the sun too.

rosewater for skin

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3. If you’ve been sunburned bad, you could help reduce the redness by rubbing a little rose water on the affected areas of the skin.


4. For very dry skin, a drop of glycerin mixed with a cap of rose water and applied as a moisturizer saves the day.

5. PYTs and women with teen and adult acne issues respectively can use a splash of rose water twice a day, everyday, to remove acne and pimples, sebum deposits from the pores and to hydrate the skin too.

Rose Water Skin Benefits

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That was all about rosewater benefits for your skin, now let’s focus on rose water conditioner for hair, which would mightily make you happy!

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Rosewater For Hair

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1. If you’ve recently gotten your hair dyed, curled, permed or colored, chances are that your hair would have been chemically treated. What you need is nourishment in the form of a hair spa, which is why emulsifying your hair strands and the roots of your hair with a cup of rose water twice a week is a must. Rub the hair with rose water and wait for half an hour; wash off under cold water thereafter. This helps nourish the hair and keep the scalp healthy too.

2. Use rose water after an egg hair mask is used. Egg brings in all the proteins and collagen for the hair texture to improve with, but the odors of egg can drive your besties away. This is why, using a cup of rose water as the final rinse is advised. The after shampoo rinses makes the hair soft and silky too.

So today you’ve learnt a lot about the benefits of Rose Water for face and hair, and since rose water toners are available too, you could use it to clean the pores and close the open pore skin too. do write in and let us know about your rose water beauty tips to!

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