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11 Gift Ideas For Priests, Nuns And Religious

by Fashionlady
Gift Ideas For Priest

Gift Ideas For Priests

For the person who has everything, it is hard to buy things. But for the person who has given up worldly pleasures, it is a tough job. Tougher, rather.

This brings me to the point – what will you give the priests, nuns and the religious-minded this Christmas? A cross? A rosary? Something sweet to eat – you know the confectionery items?

Chances are whatever gift item you have thought of for the nun or the priest is already lying with them. Aww! Doesn’t that put you off (the same way it disheartens them?)

Worry not.

Here are the 11 best gift ideas which will ease your job and bring back the smile on the lips of the priests or nuns who have blessed you with their prayers every time you were worried.

1. Gift Cards

There are times when the nun you want to gift something has already received tons of goodies she cannot use. Subsequently, she has to ask her friends and benefactors to give her gift cards and blankets. Sounds logical and rational as most of the religious people don’t have enough money to spend on the most practical things in life.

Ideas for you – Buy Gift cards that can be used at the local grocery store, Catholic bookstore, drugstore, coffee shop, etc.

Gift Cards

Source: waterstreetbooks.com

2. Stamps And Stationery

As nuns and monks lead a secluded life, this one is a good idea. Because they often communicate with friends and family members through letter writing. It is also a workable gift idea for religious heads and priests. In this digital age, letter writing is a lost art but our sincere thanks to the convents and religious institutions all over the world who have kept this old form of communication alive.

Ideas for you – Saint notecards, Cards from The Printery House which supports the monks at Conception Abbey, Watercolor Stationery Set/ Freedom (set of 4), Cross wax seals for letters

P.S: Freedom is a warm-hued tribute to Romans 8:1-2 which powerfully outlines the freedom from death that we have in Christ.

Stamps And Stationery

Source: pinterest

3. A Jar Of Delectable Coffee

According to legend, we have to thank Pope Clement VIII for coffee finding and allowing it to make its way to the Western world. The Pope was urged to ban the delicious drink. But he insisted on trying it himself. He liked it and the rest is history. So for the religious kinds, coffee is definitely an appropriate Christmas gift it will help them beat the winter chill too.

Ideas for you – Mystic Monk Coffee (roasted by Carmelites in Wyoming), Equal Exchange (a fair trade coffee company that partners with Catholic Relief Services)

A Jar Of Delectable Coffee

Source: wordpress.com

4. Books

You see Books are not just meant for the learned and the scholars. Even the religious minds appreciate books. Some of them are serious bibliophiles.

Ideas for you – Here are the 6 new releases which can be gifted to the religious-minded:


6. Movie Tickets

Movie-going might be our favorite pastime. But the same doesn’t hold true for the religious. Tickets for a movie would be a good gifting option then – either for the whole convent or a group of religious people.

Movie Tickets

Source: catholic.org

7. Music

Good music is appreciated by the religious folks. So buying music that is produced and sung by the religious serves as an extra bonus.

Ideas for you – The Daughters of St. Paul have several beautiful albums (this includes a 2-CD set of Marian hymns), Caroling at Ephesus by the Benedictines of Mary, Mater Eucharistiae by the Dominican Sisters of Mary.


Source: mosacks.com

8. Tea

A lot of religious people are connoisseurs of tea. There are quite a few nuns and priests who prefer tea over coffee. So a packet of tea bags (maybe imported ones) would be a good gifting option.

Ideas for you – Downton Abbey Premium English Rose Tea Bags (No-Caffeine)


Source: pinterest

9. Gifts From Other Religious Communities

It’s a different feeling – when we are gifted something which supports universal brotherhood and peace. There are many secluded communities which produce (you won’t believe it!) some amazing products like soaps, chocolates, icons and many more items. Go ahead and gift something sourced from these communities.

Ideas for you – The monks at Clear Creek sell wonderful reproductions of hand-painted icons, The Trappistines in Wrentham make superb chocolate, Biscotti from Holy Spirit Monastery, and the famous fruitcake from Gethsemane farms.

Gifts From Other Religious Communities

source: pinterest

10. Money

You may not realize but event the ascetics need money for bare necessities. Money donated to a priest will help him meet his plumbing, roof replacement, medical expenses, etc. So when you donate to the religious head, you support the mission of the Church and their philosophy of spreading the message of God and serving the poor.

11. Prayer

The religious people are no different from the ordinary humans. They also need prayers. Praying a Rosary, say a novena, is greatly appreciated.

Aren’t these gift ideas for the priests, nuns, and the religious-minded truly heartfelt and amazing?

Write in and tell us which one from the above list did you pick. If you have other gifting ideas that are perfect for nuns and priests do share them with us here.

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