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Girls Love Handbags More than their Boyfriends – Says Kareena Kapoor

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While endorsing for Lavie handbags, Kareena Kapoor had once said, “Girls do love handbags more than their boyfriends.” It’s quite true. If you type ‘Why do women love handbags’, you’ll come across hundreds of links debating on this topic.

Kareena Kapoors Lavies handbags

Women are mad about bags. Some of them spend thousands of bucks just to grab a perfect handbag for a particular dress. So, what is that drives ladies to spend so much on such accessories?

Well, it’s all about fashion. While some say it’s just a prerequisite, some consider it as a daily essential.

More than requirement, it’s about defining their personality. Forget about the West, in India the number of working women is increasing every year. For some sort of reasons, women are now stepping out – be it for leisure or job.

Why Do Girls Love Handbags?

Could it be that women are just genetically predisposed to a really like of handbags? Why is that an adorable women’s handbag cannot be passed up by most females? A women’s quest for the ideal handbag ought to be taken quite seriously especially if you are the one sharing a financial institution account with her.

why do girls love handbags

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While there is an endless craving for handbags, the social media and web portals just add fuel to women’s minds to add one more item to their prized possessed closet. Scroll by any fashion blog or a glossy magazine, and you’ll definitely experience a peak on the celebrity handbags. These are expensive handbags that can cost you an arm.

Gone are the days, when women used to tuck a purse in the folds of their clothes. These days, bags are more than just used for carrying the essentials. It is a serious fashion accessory. Fashion forward women always make it a point to carry their handbags.

Women plan and save up money to buy latest handbags. Many women make sacrifices to afford a Miu Miu’s gorgeous Coffer bag – the buttery soft Nappa leather that is to die for and a hefty $1750.

miumiu Coffer bag

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Shopaholics can survive on simple things to save all the possible money to save $2000 for the world’s most luxury brand Coach Handbags.

Other expensive handbag brands like Chanel and Gucci offer the ultimate 21st century element of desire, not just for celebs and supermodels, but for working women from all walks of life.

Handbags have the superb ability to complete the look of any outfit. The best part of such kind of fashion accessory is that it can easily go with any kind of outfit and it can dramatically enhance your look, even if your outfit is not that appealing or attractive.

coach handbags

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It is one of the easiest ways to stand out in the crowd.

Flaunting a luxury handbag is common among the A-listers, including all Hollywood and Bollywood actresses. They smartly escape from the fashion critics just by gracefully carrying a fashionable handbag.

It all started with Grace Kelly, the 50’s actress and Princess of Monaco.

While pregnant with her daughter Caroline in 1956, Princess Grace was frequently photographed clutching a distinctive leather hand-bag manufactured by Hermes. The purse, or Sac à dépêches, was likely a shield to prevent Kelly’s pregnancy from being exposed to the prying eyes of the Paparazzi. The photographs, however, popularized the purse and became so closely associated with the fashion icon that the purse would thereafter be known as the Kelly Bag.

Grace Kellys Bag

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Clothes have now taken a second place on the fashion runways to this most covetable fashion accessory. 2013 fashion started with a steamy photo shoot of Kate Moss, lying naked on a beach and only with her Longchamp handbag.

Kate Moss for Longchamp Bag

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The brand’s message was clear – clothes are overdone; now it’s all about bags.

While in Bollywood, Kareena Kapoor has become the face the handbag brand, Lavie in 2011.

Why Are Handbags So Desirable?

They do not just give an outward statement to a woman’s status but has become the earning power for manufacturing brands. Louis Vuitton alone makes millions of dollars a year just from handbags among all other products.

The demand for these accessories greatly increased because of the boom in travel industry. With ladies flying abroad and within the cities both for pleasure and business, they find it highly necessary to have a nice collection of handbags just to add value to these women of substance.

Why are bags so desirable

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Luxury handbag design houses, including Coach, Gucci, Prada and Hermes have paved the way for creative and designer bags for ladies from all walks of life.

See-Through / Transparent Handbags:

When the fashion of visible/transparent bags hit the market, the idea came as a shocking to many where all the handbag essentials would be visible to all.

Today, this concept has led the handbags to become more as a sex appeal. The feminine sensuality can clearly reveal from the type of bag a woman carries. Both revealing and concealing, handbags always represent something deeply private to their owners.

In general, a bag contains a lady’s survival items in the urban jungle, including mobile phones, make-up, money, tampons, iPods, tabs, condoms, and other intimate possessions.

Louis Vuitton bags

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A handbag is highly a private thing. As a result, its mystique remains for men, who never dare to invade her privacy but always curious to debunk it. What do you feel?

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