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Gold Cuff and Bracelet: A Major Shift in the Jewelry Trend

by Fashionlady

gold cuffs bracelet trends
Let’s accept this – human civilization has always lived in the gilded age of jewelries. And 21st century is all about statement pieces say gold cuff and bracelet that are major shift in the jewelry trends.

While bling is in trend this season, these new age accessories which strongly adhere to the ever changing fashion fads in the world of accessories. Jewelry isn’t an easy thing to deal with, as too much of it can overrate your fashion quotient.

Only if you know how to play with your pieces, you can also make a mundane dress look glamorous and elegant. The right kind of accessories like gold cuff or bracelet can give a polished touch to your simplest tee by spicing up your overall look.

While browsing through jewelries when I came across this 1986 archival photo of the then super model Paulina Porizkova, my logic was clearly demonstrated from her photo-shoot.

The model was wearing some statement gold ornaments over her white shirt. While the white background clearly reflected the gold elements, the statement designs like her gold cuff and bracelets just overshadowed her outfit making her look luxurious and appealing.

gold cuff and bracelets trends

Source: pinterest.com

While there has been a major shift in the jewelry trends because of the heavy competition in the recent years, we are forced to leave behind an array of good traditional designs only to embrace the trending items aptly suiting our lifestyle and preferences.

When you settle down to buy a gold item say something for your hands, you turn down the bangles saying, ‘they are not of my type’. The gold cuff displayed in the showcase amuse you so much that you instantly fall for it, claiming it to be the perfect piece for your personality.

As we have now moved into a more polished era, with a major shift in jewelry trends; we therefore seek for unique contemporary designs every time we hit a store.

And with such an array of online jewelry stores, it has definitely broadened our outlook, educating us which design goes for which dress and occasion. This is the reason even the jewelry makers have geared up to make their every creation a masterpiece so as to satisfy even the most rigid customers. And we all know,women love gold.

With abundant style available in the market, you can now mix and match different styles to create a strong fashion statement.

Let’s find out how gold cuff and bracelet are making a major shift in jewelry trends!

Gaydamak hand bracelet designs

Source: pinterest.com

Leading jewelry brand Gaydamak has come up with a complete new range of signature bracelets.

These exquisitely designed hand bracelets are intricately crafted so as to be worn on the back side of the palm. A new revolution in hand ornaments, these hand bracelets are the modified versions of the finger jewels or more appropriately the ‘hath phool’ pieces.

Whatsoever, these hand bracelets have already become a masterpiece creating unique style statement for new age fashionistas.

You just cannot ignore the Gaydamak jewelries, one glance and it’s going to be love at first sight. The design which has been conceived by the Russian-born sisters Katya and Sonia has gone viral soon after it was exposed online. In order to make it more alluring, the bracelet comes along-with a matching ring.

gold cuffs and bracelets

Source: faceebook.com

Let’s look at some more images from their collection.

gold cuff and bracelet

Source: faceebook.com

Hope you enjoyed this post on how gold cuff and bracelet are making a major shift in jewelry trends!

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