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3 Reasons why you need a New and Latest Hairstyle

by Fashionlady

One of the most important assets next to face is your hair, which is the crowning glory of your beauty. No matter how many sharp features you have, your hair can either make or ruin your look. In this post, I will suggest 3 good reasons why you should go for a new hairstyle and I’m sure you will also be convinced at the end. Read on!

Sometimes you’ve good hair days and bad hair days; sometimes you just don’t like your look anymore. Possibly, you just need a new haircut or hair styling instead of going for a complete image makeover.

With different hair styles available pertaining to every face type; you always have the liberty to go for a change with a new hair cut, a dye or just some grooming.

If still you’re not convinced about going for a new hairstyle then go through 3 reasons why you should go for a new hairstyle to get some inspiration.

#Reason 1 – Ditch the same boring look

“Life is a series of natural and spontaneous changes. Don’t resist them; that only creates sorrow. Let reality be reality. Let things flow naturally forward in whatever way they like.” ~ Lao Tzu

As per a survey in US, an average woman changes her hairstyle as far as 104 times in her lifetime! And in UK, an average woman changes her hair color at least 3 times and tries out 2 new haircuts in a year.

change in hairstyling

Source: hdwallsource.com

Well, you do not have to frequently alter your look to get that number but a change in hairstyling once in a while helps you understand more about your face type and which style better suits you.

Why you need the change?

Sometimes, a simple haircut can make you feel fresh and as though you have had a complete makeover. And if you colored your hair then the hair dye can complement your complexion as well, making you look beautiful and lively than ever.

Even the change in haircut can hide some of your flaws. For instance, if you have double chin or wide face then ask your stylist to give you a cut accordingly.

And it’s human mentality. Even you get bored of your old hairstyle. So change is after all good, provided you know which style suits you the best.

new hairstyle

Source: hairstyles123.com

#Reason 2 – A makeover can always boosts your confidence

This is one of the important 3 reasons why you should go for a new hairstyle. There are numerous factors around us which play havoc on our self-confidence. Both personal & professional challenges are many, apart from the unforeseen situations which make us feel low and inferior to others.

And if you are into PR business or directly deal with clients then your personality plays a crucial role. In such a case, it becomes crucial for you to take care of your looks.

Until and unless you pamper and groom your strands they will not love you back. Nothing can boost your confidence level than a new hair style.

When you get to hear the complements such as “Oh! That color looks amazing on you!”, or “Those new bangs really bring out the color of your eyes!” and “Wow, you have such beautiful features.” then there is no stopping to your free-spirited personality.

hair change

Source: booween.com

Mend your broken soul with image makeover

The major reason why you should go for a hair change is it gives you an opportunity to reinvent yourself.

When women go through bad times, such as break up, loss of job or any other challenges, they look for something new to set their mood and any kind of beauty grooming regime can set them up. Styling of hair can definitely give them some relief making themselves feel special and eventually they come out of that grieving shell.

If you still not convinced, try a different or the trending hairstyles like the fishtail braid or the messy bun.

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