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Got Short Hair? Copy These Trendy Celebrity Short Hair Looks

by Fashionlady
Celebrity Short Hair

Celebrity Short Hair

Ever heard of the phrase “short and sweet”? That’s what seems to have become the style mantra for celebs this season. Short hairstyle is all over fashion streets. These short hairstyles have become such a frenzy owing to their low maintenance and how manageable they are. These short haircuts styles can save a great deal of your time every morning since most of these short hairstyles do not need a lot of touch up besides a light brush every now and then.

But, is the bob hairstyle all that celebrities with short hair can come up with? The answer would have to be no. There are a variety of hairstyles you could take a look at.

Short Hairstyles Of Celebrities

In this article, we are going to bring you a comprehensive list of top short hairstyles of celebrities.

1. The Choppy Bob

Shakira’s Short Layered Bob Hairstyle is one to look out for with the uneven lines and choppy layers. This is the perfect amalgamation of a super-hot look and an easy-care celebrity short hair look. What’s more? It suits lots of different face shapes!

Short Hairstyles Of Celebrities

2. Edgy Purple Mini-Mohawk

Kelly Osbourne once sported a super chic short Spiky Mohawk Hairstyle. Kelly Osbourne is known to be a very stylish young woman with her own special yet independent take on glamour. This dyed-purple mini-mohawk type short haircut showcases Kelly’s edgy side but with a touch of elegance.

Celebrities With Short Hair

3. The Wavy Tousled Bob

Vanessa Hudson was spotted showing off her thick, naturally wavy hair in one of the most chic celebrity short hair styles on the list. Vanessa’s chic bob with the touch of those soft and flattering controlled waves looks like a match made in heaven. This is a perfect hairstyle for people with naturally curly hair that may be hard to control, because this sliced layer technique removes any unwanted bulk leaving u with a very trendy, easy style short bob hairstyle!

Short Haircuts Styles

4. The Layered Razor Cut

Miley Cyrus is known for her definitive hairstyle changes over the years. The most prominent Layered Razor Cut with Bangs is Miley’s latest hair style. Her hair stylist seems to have simply teamed a short layered cut with a touch of bangs here and there. You could easily fall in love with this short messy cut.

Layered Razor Cut

5. The Platinum-Blonde Pixie Cut

Anne Hathaway’s Short Pixie Cut is popular as short haircut for medium or thick hair. Anne Hathaway’s switch to platinum-blonde from her long bangs has completely changed her look! This is the perfect hairstyle for fine, straight hair as it does not really depend on the volume of the hair. Both brunette and blonde hues suit this hairstyle well. Platinum-blonde is additionally tipped to be a top hair color choice this season.


Platinum Blonde Pixie Cut

6. Short Soft Blonde Bob

Carey Mulligan was recently seen sporting a chic, soft blonde bob. This hairstyle is best suited for fine, medium textured hair. Being a youthful and flattering hairstyle, this hairstyle looks pretty on her heart-shaped face shape. This particular bob sported by Carey Mulligan has plenty of layers, to bring in some extra texture and volume. Also, the bangs and the side-swept fringe gives a touch of freshness. This short hairstyle is a good choice for women of any age. The touch of spiky tips makes this a complete contemporary blonde bob hairstyle that is oh so stylish!

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Short Soft Blonde Bob

The Boy Cut

Now that you have the list, so copy your favorite one and get the town talking about you!

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