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Hair Ribbons To Flaunt This Summer – Cuteness Overload!

by Fashionlady
Hair Ribbons to Flaunt This Summer

Hair Ribbons to Flaunt This Summer - Cuteness Overload!

From pig tails to pony tails, high updo styles to low buns, you could use ribbons from a range of colours to accessorize and get the look. Says who, ribbons were meant for the little girls alone? take a look at some of the styles that big girls wear, because age is just a number when it comes to being cute!

For An Evening Out With Friends

Carefree and nonchalant about the style you flaunt when the BFFs are around, grab a cup of coffee and talk about the boys, dressed all cool with an off-shoulder top, leggings or hot pants and hair all loose, embellished with a ribbon dressed as a bow. Accessories to wear would be a sparkling set of hanging earrings, and a lovely smile!

For an evening out with friends

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Meeting MIL and GMIL

Meeting your in-laws rings in many alarm bells; you have to dress right or else bear the brunt. Worse still when grandmother-in-law and mother-in-law come together. A messy updo embellished with a chunky brooche-ribbon would save the evening for you!

Meeting MIL and GMIL


For A Classy Look

Bring back the 70s flower-power high bouffant ponytail, on the lines of Lana Del Ray (new age chanteuse). A classy self coloured ribbon, to keep the pony tail knot safe and secure would look so chic on a sizzling black or red evening number.

For a classy look


Ribbon On A Top Knot

While doing the household chores or rushing to work, who has the time to sit and doll up the hair. Keep the nape of the neck safe from the heat and humidity, and allow your skin to breathe too. Make a hair bow out of ribbon – a top knot bun with a chic ribbon tied into a bow would be so fine.


Ribbon on a top knot


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Back To School

The four strand ribbon band with a braid style would be apt for the day. When it gets too hot and you have to be out, driving around to finish chores; this is one hairstyle that would keep you cool and sizzling at the same time.

Back to school


Alice in Wonderland Look

Drive away the mad-hatter and have fun while the sun hits harsh during the day. You still can be a diva with the right hair do and minimal makeup, try the Alice in Wonderland look. This is a style that sure would bring in plenty of accolades, and cuteness for sure!

Alice in Wonderland look


Messy Boho Chick

Feel like a lazy Sunday today? The messy boho chick for the pyjama party tonight seems to be your game. Let the hair fall loose, with either sides streamlined to the back of the head and with a cute ribbon tied into a bow to harness the knot.

Messy boho chick


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The shimmery bridesmaid


Hope you liked the various looks we have spoken about. It’s all about personal style and innovation which would make you look like a million bucks. Hair ribbons are very versatile to use, and helps keep the pretty young thing, pretty chic too!

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