Funtastic Bandana Hairstyles You Must Try At Least Once


Funtastic Bandana Hairstyles you Must Try at least Once in Your Lifetime
Women often mistake Bandana hair accessories to be an androgynous fashion element, whereas, they are quite versatile. I offer you 7 FUNtastic ways to wear a bandana. Go through these bandana hairstyles and give a makeover to yourself.

And, if you thought bandana was a street style then better have a look at the female celebs. Right from Rihanna and Miley Cyrus to Kareena Kapoor and Priyanka Chopra, every fashion icon has adopted this style.

So let’s go through 20 funtastic bandana hairstyles that are super stylish and feminine alike.

1. Bandana as a headband

You can wear your head gear like a regular headband. All you need to do is to simply fold the bandana into a triangle shape and then wrap it around your head wherever you are comfortable. You can tie the knot under nape. This is one of the fastest DIY headbands that you can create. And it’s a better idea when you are sitting on a speeding bike, on a roller coaster ride or when you are on the beach, as it stops the hair from falling on your face. This is one trick to styling with hair accessories and yet look cool and effortless.

Bandana as a headband

2. Bandana as a bonnet

This is actually an androgynous look, when you wrap your bandana on your forehead. Take one edge of the head gear and fold it over the other edge and create a triangle shape and wrap it around your forehead and tie it at the back.

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Bandana as a bonnet

3. Bandana as head cover

This look is usually adopted when you are white washing, painting or washing your vehicle. This style can also be super fun when worn during hangouts and also work great for weekend getaways.

bandana for short hair

4. Bandana as a retro headband

To create this rockabilly vintage look, you’ll have to wear the bandana as shown in the image and tie the ends on your head. Try to make a sweet knot to give it a 60’s touch.

Bandana as a retro headband

5. Bandana for ponytail

For this look, you can create your regular ponytail with elastic. Then you can roll the bandana as shown in the image and roll it over the elastic and create a bow.

bandana for ponytail

We will leave you with some more bandana hairstyles. Some of these will also answer your questions on how to wear bandana or what are the different ways to wear bandanas.
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6. Bandana With A Messy Updo

Try this simple and cool bandana hairstyles for a casual outing. Style your hair into a messy updo and just tie the bandana like a bow on top of your head.

Bandana with a messy

7. Bandana With A Tousled Ponytail

Sporting a bandana headband with a tousled ponytail gives off a very playful vibe. Give your high ponytail a flirty and tousled look, tie a bandana and let some loose tendrils frame your face.

Bandana with a tousled ponytail

8. Bandana With A Retro Hairstyle

Knowing how to wear a bandana with a retro hairstyle is a sure shot way of making all the heads turn towards you at the next party.

Bandana with a retro hairstyle

9. Bandana With A Quiff Shaved Hairstyle

The below image will give some inspiration on how to wear a bandana with a quiff and shaved hairstyle.

Bandana with a quiff shaved hairstyle

10. Bandana With A Rolled Up Hairstyle

Take a look at the below image to figure out how to fold a bandana and tuck your hair into it for a cute rolled up hairstyle.

Bandana with a rolled up hairstyle

11. Turban Style Bandana Tutorial

There are different ways to wear a bandana and one of them isthe turban style. Follow this tutorial on turban style bandana to nail the look. This is one of the styles for short hair girls who want to flaunt their bandana style.

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Turban Style Bandana

12. Vintage Style Bandana Hairstyle

The vintage era, especially the 40’s and 50’s was all about rolls and tucks and bumper bangs. The below image will show you how to tie a bandana and rock the vintage hairstyle.

15. Bandana With A Fun Bun

Pick up some cool bandana designs, coordinate them with your dress or accessories, style your hair in a top bun and just wrap the bandana around it.

 Bandana With A Fun Bun

16. Bandana With A Crown Braided Hairstyle

To have a bandana around head, the best style would be to infuse the bandana in your crown braided hairstyle.

Bandana With A Crown Braided Hairstyle

17. Bandana With A Braided Updo Hairstyle

Follow this tutorial on braided updo with bandana and impress your family and friends alike.

Bandana With A Braided Updo Hairstyle

18. Bandana Hair Wrap

The below tutorial will show you how to do a bandana hair wrap in simple and easy steps.

Bandana Hair Wrap

19. Simple Bandana Headband Hairstyle

This simple bandana headband style can transform a boring look into a fun and playful look.

Simple Bandana Headband Hairstyle

20. Pigtails Hairstyle With A Bandana Twist

This is one of the cutest bandana hairstyles that you can flaunt.

Pigtails Hairstyle With A Bandana Twist

So those were my top picks on bandana hairstyles. Hope these funtastic bandana hairstyles give you some cues to change your look.


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