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How To Wear A Bandana: 20 Ways To Style It

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Bandana Fashion

90s fashion makes a comeback with the Bandanas once again resurfacing in 2019 street style fashion! This paisley square’s boundless versatility has been yet again proved with 20 demonstrated ways on how to amp up your look with this simple accessory. Wear your little crown of wisdom to flaunt your sense of bravura.

How To Wear a Bandana

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20 Ways To Wear A Bandana:

1. Charming Knot:

Chuck the boring half-tied mane, give the flowing locks a new dimension with a printed bandana in red. Team it up with your solid short dresses or wear it with denims to add a cute quotient to your everyday look.

how to wear a bandana in your hair

2. Bandana On The Beach:

Try twisting the bandana into rolled headgear and tie it behind to get a cool hippie look. Team it up with a classic pair of glares and denim hot pants for a sexy boho look.

Ways to Tie a Bandana

3. Go Retro:

Bring in the vintage allure to any dress with a this simple paisley handkerchief. Look suave with styled fringes or flowing bangs. Team it up with a messy bun, great way to keep the hair off those shoulders yet look playful.

how to wear a bandana with short hair

4. Tie It Around:

Punch up any monochrome ensemble with a striking bandana. Team it up with a sexy pair of glares and coordinating lipstick for a sexy suave look. Keep your makeup and other accessories minimal to nail this look.

Ways to wear a Bandana

5. Turban Style:

Accessories your look with a bold printed bandana. Tie it the classical turban way for a neat, stylish yet a chic appeal. Keep the makeup minimal but impactful, with bright lips, swipe a colored liner. You can sport this style whether you have a short or wish to keep it off the nape of your neck.

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How to Wear Bandanas

6. Bigger The Better:

Oversized accessories always come with their own set of charm and boldness. Tie your patterned bandana as a thick band, half turban style and pair it with another bandana in solid colour to achieve the look. Pile your hair high, get your sarong and you are ready for the beach day!

Ways to Wear Bandanas

7. Ponytail Bandana:

For a soft, feminine and pretty look, tie a bandana to the ponytail forming a cute bow. This easy hairstyle requires a cute bandana and an elastic, the handkerchief can be tied over the band for a neat look.

Bandana Styling Tips

9. Vintage Look:

Exude the vintage allure with the right bandana hairstyle. With pointed triangle ends at the back tie it up in a small knot at the front, curl your bangs and tuck them under the headgear. Finish the look with ever-fashionable cat-eye styled liner look and bold, bright lips.

10. Accessorize:

Adorn your sock bun by accessorizing it with bandana. Layer multiple bandanas of different prints but close shades and tie them below the bun. Start from close to forehead and cover the bun by layering it with multiple hair-handkerchiefs to achieve this look.

how to wear a bandana women

11. Forehead-band Style:

Keep the hair off your face with by adopting this simple style to tie your bandana. Let your tresses talk in the air while your bandana accentuate your features, tie the knot at nape of the neck. Perfect street style hairdo for any casual outing.

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how to wear a bandana on your head

12. Tie-knot Bandana As Bow:

Give your tied up hairdo a trendy makeover by styling your bandana in a sexy bow. Sweep the bandana from below the bun and tie a messy knot on the side of your head. Select a bright colored scarf with bold pattern and prints, team it up with swimsuits or denims for a sensuous appeal.

Bandana Hair

13. Retro Turban Style:

Give your look an intense makeover by tying a chic bandana in retro turban style. Leave the flowing tresses work their magic while the head wrap take the fashion quotient notches higher. Complete the look with smoky eyes, blackened waterline and nude lips, sans the accessories.

Womens Bandana Styling Tips

14. Tie Top Knot With Bandanas:

Give your chic top knots a trendy twist with colorful bandanas. Going shopping or for lunch with girlies adopt this quick styling hack to amp up your look instantly.

cool ways to wear a bandana

15. Wear It Like The Bonnet:

Sounds obvious doesn’t it? But this classic way is timeless and easiest to sport. Handy and functional, ideal for your yoga sessions or shopping time!

creative ways to wear a bandana Images Source: pinterest.com

16. The Disney Replica:

How cute is this bandana that is tied into a bow, cute and quirky and the trend of today. Although any outfit could be teamed with it, don’t you think a skirt outfit would do more justice?

Disney Bandana

17. The Criss-Cross Headband:

Bandanas are the new hairbands you need to be donned in. Gone are the days of narrow ones in the middle of your head. Not only looking stylish but also this bandana gives a fresh look to the face.

Criss Cross Headband

18. Rock n Rolla:

Pair up a colourful bandana to your concerts, events and anywhere fun. The perfect accessory to every head heading to any beach party too. The ultimate pack of a complete fashionista.

Colourful Bandana

19. The Arabian Way:

How many of you have wondered how these Arabians look so gorgeous? Ahem, maybe this is one of the various paths to get there. This bandana speaks volumes due to the stylish draping.

Arabian Way Bandana

20. Uber Chic:

A party that exudes classiness requires a classy bandana like this too. Go ahead and flaunt this uber chic and sophisticated bandana with an equally chic hairdo.

Retro bandana

Images Source: pinterest

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